Tuesday, July 24, 2018

How Old is Yoenis Cespedes?



By Nicholas Stix
Last updated at 9:01 p.m.

[Update from this evening: Any day now, Cespedes is going to undergo season-ending heel surgery.]

Two years ago, when Cespedes was officially 30, I asked The Boss how old she thought he was. She responded, “Forty.”

Cespedes is now officially 32. Players form Latin America are notorious for lying about their ages, which almost always means lowering them.

Cespedes had his career season in 2015, when he was officially 29 and played in 159 regular season games. In 2016, he missed 30 games with injuries. Last year, he missed 81 games hurt—exactly half the season. And this year, he has so far played only 38 games out of 97, and has twice hurt himself while he was re-habbing previous injuries.

Cespedes has also been paunchy since 2016, when he was supposedly only 30, and is not the 5'10" he's listed as being.

This is the injury history of an old man, in baseball years. Cespedes played in the Cuban league for eight years, allegedly beginning when he was 17, in 2003.

Either he was older than that, he played too long over there before coming to America, or he’s older than he claims to be.


Cespedes' return to the lineup last week lasted all of one game

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