Saturday, July 21, 2018

Facilitated Rape: Did You Hear about the White, SJW Philosophy Prof Who Raped a Severely Retarded, Black Man, Whom She was Sure was in Love with Her?


Pre-makeover Anna Stubblefield

By Nicholas Stix

March 19, 2018 update: Stubblefield had gotten her conviction and 12-year sentence thrown out, and pled guilty to a lesser charge, and four years inside, including time served. Her trial judge had refused to permit a charlatan “expert” in “facilitated communication” to testify on Stubblefield’s behalf.


A transitioning Stubblefield in court

Post-makeover Anna Stubblefield

Last year, two of Stubblefield’s political allies, “two of the most prominent living moral philosophers—Jeff McMahan, White’s Professor of Moral Philosophy at Oxford University, and Peter Singer,” made a pathetic effort at defending her crimes.

Gavin McInnes: How Anna Stubblefield Personifies the Left


Rebel Media
Published on Oct 28, 2015

(LANGUAGE AND CONTENT WARNING:) Gavin McInnes of reports: The New York Times Magazine published a shocking cover story last Sunday about a tenured professor of ethics from Rutgers University who is accused of having sex with a severely handicapped black man who has the IQ of a toddler.

Though the story might come across as sensationalist tabloid fodder at first, it's actually a fascinating look inside the mind of the far left.

In her book Ethics Along the Color Line she states, "White supremacy is central to this state of affairs, and we cannot repair the world without ending it.’’

Her subsequent behavior gives us a pretty good idea of what society would be like with Social Justice Warriors like her are in control. Science and facts take a back seat to emotion-based politics that are all about everyone feeling good about themselves, no matter how incredibly handicapped they may be.

As you may have guessed, it's a sh*t show that leaves everyone worse off than they were before, especially the people we were meant to help. Canada needs a conservative infrastructure to influence the culture!

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Amazing how often the stereotype of the "lone white male" is shattered by regular news reports, but that doesn't stop them from stereotyping.
I spotted this story on Fox:
Then followed a link embedded in that story to this story:
Wow, it's like an endless chain of stories involving the usual suspects, latino males abusing sexually abusing underage girls. First story is Jorge Estuardo Cobon-Juarez, a Guatemalan who has been granted citizenship in our country was accused by a 12 yr. old of sexually abusing her, he denied it but the paternity test proved he was the father. Victim has not been identified.
Second story is Orates Prado, another Guatemalan that somehow made the cut to be an American citizen, who sexually abused a 6 yr. old girl, he denies (just like Mr. Cobon-Juarez) touching her. He needs to learn the negro method of denying: I dindu nuffins! It's the best way to get sympathy from liberals.
No word on the identity or race of victim in this case either.
When you mass import young men from countries in which sexual abuse of underage girls is culturally approved and accepted, this is what you get. Can't tell diversity fanatics that, they're too busy focusing on the "lone white male".

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
This female professor looks more like a lesbian to me than a molester:
Kind of reminds me of that wife of Ellen Degeneres or that lesbian actress Anne Heche. I know her type, after using black men to spite white men she'll move on to using other women to do the same.

Anonymous said...

The IQ of a toddler?Hmmm,Sharpton?Kevin Hart?Any black on MSM?"All black,"Let's Make a Deal" contestants?The prison population.The blacks sitting on their porch a few blocks away from me.There are so many possibilities to choose from.Better narrow it down a little for your readers.

Anonymous said...

Facilitated communication was used to communicate with autistic kids. A Syracuse U. development later found to be totally 100 % faulty.