Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Is There Anything the New York Mets Don’t Need?

By Nicholas Stix

What They Need

1. Speed on the bases (presently, all they have are Amed Rosario and Brandon Nimmo, and Rosario has so far failed as a base stealer);

2. Men with a proven ability to bunt (both for base hits and sacrifices), and beat shifts (Rosario, a lanky, fleet-footed, young SS, recently had to go on a three-day paid leave to study bunting!);

3. Batters who hit line drives, and who rarely strike out;

4. More young, healthy players (e.g., guys who don’t injure themselves, while rehabbing injuries);

5. Smarter players, who don’t seriously injure themselves after refusing sound advice to check out possible injuries (e.g., Moron Syndergaard);

6. A new bullpen, to replace the one that manager Mickey Callaway destroyed; and

7. A new manager.


Anonymous said...

Same list could have been posted in 1962.The good news--using the same timeline--in 7 years you'll be world champions again.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
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