Wednesday, July 25, 2018

New York Daily News Cuts 50% of All Newsroom Jobs; Republican Writer Completely Misses Point


September, 2017 front page

In “Justice: Leftist Publication Notorious for Anti-Trump ‘Fake News’ Forced to Cut Half Its Staff,” the Western Journal/Conservative Tribune’s Ben Marquis writes,
“It would be an understatement of epic proportions to say that much of the mainstream media is biased in favor of the left and against President Donald Trump, which they make known through the slanted articles and blatant “fake news” that is published on a near-daily basis.

“To be fair, not every media outlet is overtly biased or constantly promote fake news, but some outlets are worse than others and the New York Daily News is definitely one of the worst when it comes to negative and even wholly manufactured bad news against Trump.

“But it would appear that a staunchly negative stance against all things Trump doesn’t sit particularly well with readers, even in largely liberal New York City, as Mediaite just reported that the Daily News has had to lay off roughly 50 percent of its newsroom staff….”

[Just-fired Daily News editor-in-chief Jim Rich.]

Jim RichVerified account
Just a guy sitting at home watching journalism being choked into extinction
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“Those lost jobs are the result of dismal economic conditions for print media outlets that have fallen behind in the age of technology, where digital outlets now appear to have leaped to the forefront of the industry.

“The manner in which Americans consume news has changed over the years, and though certain legacy media outlets will no doubt continue to persist in the changing environment, the media would be well advised to stick to just reporting the actual news instead of promulgating opinionated ‘fake news’ to promote certain agendas and narratives.

“The American people have grown tired of it and just aren’t buying it any more. In an age of unprecedented media choices, they don’t have to.”
Popular, right-of-center sites like Western Journal/Conservative Tribune,” which once showed promise, are degenerating into moron fodder.

Ben Marquis' conclusion is all wrong. The Daily News is published in New York City, where over 80% of voters are registered Democrats, and most people love fake news. But New York City is also only 33.3% white. Only white people read daily newspapers in great enough numbers for them to be profitable.

Note, too, that millions of black, Hispanic, Asian and Arab New Yorkers are illiterate in English, and in many cases, any language.

Well, that's the world that the DN wanted, and it's the world it got, good and hard.

'Tis a shame. It used to be a centrist, Democrat paper until the early 2000s, when it went hard, racist Left.

I was a freelancer there during the late 1990s, as “Robert Berman.”

Original Mediaite story.



Anonymous said...

Laugh(?) of the Day:
The derisive laugh occurred after watching NNN first rip President Trump about his lawyer tape,mentioning over and over,"President Trump is in possible legal jeopardy.President Trump is heard scheming with Cohen.President Trump's troubles are piling up."
That's not where I laughed.
The laugh occurred during Holt's next story,"the agreement between the EU and US on certain tariff agreements"--and how it was told to us by Lesta.
For this story,an event that could be interpreted as a successful one for Trump,he was referred to only as "the President."
Holt: "The President appeared to gain some traction against the EU in the trade war dispute.The President announced zero tariffs on certain products traded between the EU and United States and also agreed to further talks."
So it's "President Trump" for bad news,and "the President" for good news.Was this Lesta's decision,or NBC?I doubt if this omission of Trump's name was a coincidence.
The next question is:Was this a one day wonder?It's the first I noticed it--maybe they do this all the time,but because it's the first time NNN has reported "good" Trump news,since NKorea talks ended well,I had no way to compare the two types of stories.
Is the left's strategy/propaganda really getting so devious that Trump's name is deliberately being left out of positive news stories?
I'll keep an eye on it.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

By the way,I mentioned,a month or two ago,the same problem my local paper has been having financially since whites fled Grand Rapids and minorities have poured in.Minorities have no interest in a newspaper.Too many difficult words to read and a subscription(where REAL money needs to be spent)is out of the question.Yet,the paper in my city gets more and more liberal--as if trying to bribe the minorities with sympathetic articles--would lure them into buying their crap.Bad strategy.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Well it wasn't my imagination.Sara Carter on "Ingraham Angle" tonight (around 1010pm)made the observation that CNN does not refer to President Trump that way--but as "Donald."I never watch them and devote only 15 minutes a week (maybe)to MSNBC,so what the other networks do is out of my sphere of firsthand knowledge,but Carter's assertion jibes with my similar observation of "Negro Nightly News".They're all trying to avoid saying "President Trump" when there's good news and according to Carter--almost ANYTIME(depending on channel and host).
"Ripley's Believe It Or Not" stuff--and these are supposed to be unbiased news channels.No effort to even pretend anymore.
--GR Anonymous