Thursday, July 12, 2018

Maryland Mob Beats Driver Almost to Death, after He Hit 10-Year-Old Who’d Run Out from Behind Ice Cream Truck

Lexington Park neighbors attack driver, 72, who struck child who ran from behind ice cream truck
By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat
Thu, Jul 12, 2018 8:50 a.m.

Lexington Park neighbors attack driver, 72, who struck child who ran from behind ice cream truck | WTOP

A 72-year-old driver and a 10-year-old child were left with what the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office calls “incapacitating injuries” after the child was struck by the driver and the driver was then assaulted by people in the neighborhood.

PGCE-P: Probably Negroes.

Incapacitating injuries?

So, almost beaten to death?


Anonymous said...

This 71 year old,severely beaten,didn't make "Negro Nightly News".What DID?Glad you asked.
Lesta threw Stormy Daniels' arrest (publicity stunt)on,so they could mention her affair with Trump again.
Lesta showed a clip of a 61 year old white guy yelling at a Puerto Rican woman(in Chicago)for wearing a teeshirt with the P.R. flag on it,while a white cop"failed to stop the harrassment,"according to Lesta.The cop was fired,understandably (sarc.)What took Emanuel so long?Better question,what happened to free speech?
On the pro-black side,the football player I posted the story about yesterday--that he allegedly beat his EX-GF,Delicia Cordon--was given 2 minutes of Gabe Gutierrez airtime,providing Lasean McCoy's defense--"I wasn't there!!!I don't know anything about it."

NBC obviously has his back on this one--not the white cop's back,but the possible black felon.Blackie McCoy was given much "reasonable doubt",while John Schnatter(the next story)was given none.
The only hidden gem Gutierrez gave out was that the EX-GF,Cordon,has been living in McCoy's house for a year,but that he's been trying to evict her for seven months,unsuccessfully.
The lawyer for the victim says,"No,McCoy did not physically commit the beating,but he orchestrated it,"
Then there's this story,below:Consider it a preview of America 2080,when the Muslims have started running various parts of the country (probably divied up between black,Mex and Muslim by then).This will be the 20% white population's fate,after allowing the foreign takeover.
Have a good night all.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...
Here's the Chicago Forest Preserve cop story.

Anonymous said...

This is a rather long detailed recounting of the accident,including black eyewitness testimony(which should be immediately questioned for honesty).Yes,the woman was white,her name is given.Blacks are quoted as blaming the white woman.Other whites let the blacks have an earful(they'll probably all lose their jobs).

Anonymous said...

Just want to stress the fact--the driver was a 72 year old white woman--not a man who the blacks beat up.A new low.If these blackies had jobs--which I doubt--I wonder if they'd lose them for this racist attack.It's 1000 times worse than dropping an "N" word.

Anonymous said...

Beating an elderly woman in that manner is using lethal force. Sounds like it was an accident. The racial angle of course is avoided. and THIS IS the type of behavior more or less confined to the negro demographic [beating persons to death because of a traffic injury].


Another YT who learned the hard way. Never try to reason with feral savage niggers unless your reasoning involves a firearm.

Anonymous said...