Saturday, July 28, 2018

What Does Chicken & Watermelon Have to Do with a Mass Shooting in New Orleans?

By Reader-Researcher R.C.

3 dead, 7 injured in South Claiborne Avenue shooting Saturday night: NOPD

The shooting was reported in the 3400 block of South Claiborne Avenue.

Two bodies could be seen on the ground Saturday night in front of Chicken & Watermelon, a restaurant in the 3400 block of South Claiborne.

"They never stop killing each other," [sic] said, shaking his head as he spoke.

R.C.: Every stereotype imaginable regarding blacks encapsulated in just one story.

Indiscriminate shootings.

Disbelief at the shootings.

Fried chicken and watermelon restaurant.

Porch dwellers.

Why do some black people sit on their porches all day? • r ...

I am a Private Investigator that does most of my surveillance work in Detroit, and I do a lot of my work in black neighborhoods that tend to be...


NYC releases documents connected to Central Park 5 case ...

A lawyer for five men wrongly [sic] convicted in the vicious 1989 rape of a Central Park jogger said Friday that the release of investigative records leaves them reliving the horror of their experiences.

R.C.: The fact that indiscriminate killings are never ending.


Anonymous said...

Quick story:I went grocery shopping Saturday for a few things and as I normally do,I drove to the good part of Grand Rapids--EAST Grand Rapids--and picked up some items.This used to be zero black territory 5 years ago.As I was at the courtesy desk,waiting to buy a couple lottery tickets,out of the corner of my eye,I saw a blackie(female as it turned out) running full speed behind me.When I turned to see exactly what was happening,she whooshed by me like Usain Bolt--with a 50 year old white employee in full (but much slower pursuit).She ran out the front entrance and most of the customers and cashiers stopped their transactions to watch the action.The employee chasing the SBF(Shoplifting black female)followed her out.A few minutes passed.Eventually he came back in to wait on me.
"Shoplifter,I take it,"I said.
He was out of breath.
"She had quite a headstart on you,she got away?"
"No,I caught her.What happened is,I was toward the back of the store and I saw her put something in her purse.I walked up and said,'Better put that back'and she took off.When I got outside,she was waiting and there was nothing in her purse.So I had to let her go.She got rid of what she stole somewhere after she got outside."
"How often does this happen?"
"Easily 4 or 5 times a day."
"Oh yeah."
As I said,I never used to see them there.Then they hired a couple black baggers and all of a sudden,there's shitloads of blacks shopping AND shoplifting.Another safe area for WHITES gone.Shouldn't WE have an area,a sanctuary,where we can go without blacks ruining the day?Yes,the entire United States--would be my answer.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

A random act in a random place by random persons at a random time.

Chicken and waffles I am familiar with. Not chicken at watermelons. But it does make sense.

It does, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Why do blacks sit on the porch?
Not for anything good,I can see that myself.The Reddit responses were 50/50,some defending the blacks,a couple hitting the bullseye(no jobs,drugs)
Air conditioning has nothing to do with it.The black thugs are looking for customers who will be swinging by in their cars for a drug pickup.They're also on the prowl for pussy--white pussy,preferably,walking by--either by accident--or regular ho's wanting to give it up for some free heroin.
They're on their cellphones constantly,always in motion--on the porch,off the porch,back and forth to the city sidewalk,doing those drug deals.I drive past these houses regularly--it's as obvious as the sky being blue.Eventually,they get cleared out,but quickly find a place nearby and it starts all over again.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Negro Nightly News for today:
Lesta stayed true to form,with the attempt to incite Minneapolis blackies, over the decision by authorities,to clear 2 cops in a black thug shooting last month.The cop-cams were released and the decision by a white city official--at a presser--was swarmed over by black protesters.Lesta,of course,took the black thugs POV by quoting the family of the thug:"He was not a threat"(even while running down the street with a gun).
Later,on "Inspiring(black)America",Lebron James was declared a saint for building a school "for troubled black youths in Akron."The video showed him with quite a few black kids.All I could think of, upon seeing this scene was,I'll bet half of the large group of black tykes were HIS anyways--he SHOULD take care of them."
With the usual Trump crap thrown in,that wrapped up another pointless edition of NNN.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I forgot the story about Les Moonves,Lesta's other pleasurable pursuit on the "Negro Nightly News--making older white guys sweat out unsubstantiated harassment claims--and forcing them to resign. I still believe these types of attempted lynchings can be coordinated between corporate execs, opposed to a guy like Moonves,with a few women paid off to lie about it.Line up 6 females to complain about a guy and what can he do?Not much these days.
---GR Anonymous