Friday, July 13, 2018

Kings of the Ring: Jack Dempsey (Documentary Film with a Great Narrator!)


Above and below: Jack Dempsey, aka “the Manassa Mauler” and “Kid Blackie”


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Anonymous said...

I wrote a history of boxing in my senior year of high school.Some big boys fighting back then--for some reason Primo Carnera was one of my favorites,a 6'8"giant.He didn't last long as champ though.Great video here.When America was great.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if Jack would have stood much of chance against a modern boxer.

Anonymous said...

That was great. Thank you.

We are watching a heavyweight fight in DC. The scrappy Trump against the underworld
swamp. He is a tenacious and unapologetic, and exactly what this Country needed at this point in time.
Its like a never ending Title Bout where the winner takes all. I'm looking for a knockout, but his corner of Sessions, Ryan and McConnell have sold him out, and refuse to help.