Monday, July 23, 2018

There’s an Epidemic of “Lone White Males” Raping Underaged Girls!

By Jerry PDX
Saturday, July 21, 2018 at 9:19:00 P.M. EDT

Amazing how often the stereotype of the “lone white male” is shattered by regular news reports, but that doesn't stop them from stereotyping.
I spotted this story on Fox:

Then followed a link embedded in that story to this story:

Wow, it's like an endless chain of stories involving the usual suspects, latino males sexually abusing underaged girls. First story is Jorge Estuardo Cobon-Juarez, a Guatemalan who has been granted citizenship in our country was accused by a 12-year-old of sexually abusing her. He denied it, but the paternity test proved he was the father. Victim has not been identified.

Second story is Orates Prado, another Guatemalan that somehow made the cut to be an American citizen, who sexually abused a six-year-old girl. He denies (just like Mr. Cobon-Juarez) touching her. He needs to learn the negro method of denying: I dindu nuffins! It's the best way to get sympathy from liberals.

No word on the identity or race of victim in this case, either.

When you mass import young men from countries in which sexual abuse of underaged girls is culturally approved and accepted, this is what you get. Can't tell diversity fanatics that, they're too busy focusing on the "lone white male."

N.S.: From my review of Ann Coulter’s grand work, Adios, America!, which Google has either banned outright, shadow banned, or pushed so far off its front page, even when one seeks “Nicholas Stix” + “Adios, America!” (and made it impossible to find within my own blog’s internal search function) that it has the same effect:
She brings up illegal immigrant child-rapist Juan Carlos Sanchez in Ohio, not to be confused with illegal alien child rapist Juan Carlos Sanchez in Colorado, or illegal alien child rapist Juan Carlos Sanchez in North Carolina, or pedophile homosexual Juan Carlos Sanchez—not to mention the hundreds of thousands of Hispanic alien child rapists and homosexual pedophiles not named Juan Carlos Sanchez!

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