Sunday, July 01, 2018

Black Stabs 9 in Idaho


Between-con Timmy Earl Kinner is the “suspect”

[Previously, on this monster, at WEJB/NSU: “‘Pure Evil’: Raceless ‘Man’ Stabs 9 People, 6 of Them Children, at Boise Apartment Complex; Atrocity Would Not Have Happened, if Humanitarian Had Not Invited Between-Con Timmy Earl Kinner to Stay There with Fake Refugees (See His Mug Shot!)”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Sunday, July 1, 2018 at 6:44:00 P.M. EDT
Corrected at 11:00 p.m., on Monday, July 2, 2018.

(Salt Lake City Tribune)

A [black] man was identified as the person who stabbed 9 residents of an apartment complex Saturday, including 6 refugee children.

A resident of the apartment complex where the stabbing took place had allowed 30-year-old Timmy Kinner to stay there a short time, but asked him to leave Friday because of his behavior, Bones said.

Kinner returned Saturday, when the girl was having her party a few doors down from where he had stayed, according to police. Kinner is facing nine counts of aggravated battery and six counts of injury to a child for the late Saturday violence.

The complex houses many resettled refugee families, but Kinner is not a refugee.

Esrom Habte, 12, and Fathi Mahamoud, 11, were playing in the grass behind their apartment when the attack began.

“It was kind of scary because we were outside,” Esrom told news media as his mother looked on. “He was chasing people and stabbing people.”

“We saw him saying bad words and stabbing a grown-up really hard and a lot of times,” Esrom said.

The children ran into an apartment and hid in a closet with other children until police told them it was safe to come out, he said.

On Sunday, colorful bouquets rested just outside crime scene tape.

“This incident is not a representation of our community but a single evil individual who attacked people without provocation that we are aware of at this time,” Bones said during a press conference Saturday night.

Police found stabbing victims both inside the complex and in the parking lot; Kinner was arrested a short distance away.

GRA: I keep saying, refugees should not count on safer conditions in America. Stay where you are and improve your own country--we're going downhill here.


Anonymous said...

Attack occurred in Idaho. Reported by the paper in Utah. Lots of Mormons in Utah. This is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for texting the headline "Black stabs 9 in Utah".I got the article from the Salt Lake City Tribune,and must have subconsciously typed in Utah,instead of Idaho.It's the Boise story as everyone probably knows.

Anonymous said...

Lesta had a chance to showcase this Boise blackie brandishing a blade,belligerently--but he didn't make the cut.The Cleveland black--turned radical Islamist--DID make the cut,more for the July 4th theme than the terrorist threat,this lifelong felon was plotting on Cleveland.Take a picture,I think that's the one black criminal Holt will allow during this calendar year.

Anonymous said...

Now It's Murder.
BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A 3-year-old Idaho girl who was stabbed at her own birthday party died Monday, two days after a man invaded the celebration and stabbed nine people, authorities said.

Timmy Kinner is accused of attacking a group of children and the adults who tried to protect them at the party at an apartment complex that is home to many refugee families.

Word of the child's death came at Kinner's first court appearance, where a judge told him that he was charged with first-degree murder and other felonies in connection with the Saturday night attack.

Kinner is American, and the victims are members of refugee families from Syria, Iraq and Ethiopia.
GRA:Will THIS get Lesta's attention?Place your bets.
---GR Anonymous

Pax Romana58 said...

Black driver says elderly married white couple ‘freaked him out,’ so he ran them over and killed them both, according to charges

A man charged with fatally striking a husband and wife in an Eagan parking lot last week told police they “freaked him out” so he deliberately drove “fast and hit them hard,” according to the criminal complaint.

Jonna Kojo Armartey, 36, formerly of Eagan, was charged Monday with two counts of SECOND-degree murder after authorities say he intentionally struck Roger and Diane Peterson.


“This was not an accident. The victims in this case appear to have been targeted by the defendant,..."

But they only charged him with Second Degree, because White Lives Really Don't Matter.

"....the reasons for [for why he did it] are unknown at this time,” said Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom, in a statement."

They know why, and so do we.

"Officials say Armartey was on probation for three other felony convictions, including vehicle theft, third-degree assault of a correctional officer and fourth-degree assault of a psychiatrist."

THREE FELONY convictions and he's walking the streets. Affirmative Action for black Criminals is a Black Privilege.

Anonymous said...

Negro Nightly News diary
July 3rd,Tuesday 640pm
No sign of any update on the Boise stabbings.The last two weeks,Lesta seemed so concerned about refugee"chillen" being separated,but in this case,when one gets killed by a negro--ahhh,never mind--not newsworthy.
645pm:Lesta innocently teases,"After the commercial,we'll talk exclusively with the woman who politely told EPA chief Pruitt,in a restaurant,what she thought of his policies."
Makes you wonder if this woman and NBC were in cahoots.
659pm:Let me count the black crime announced tonight on NNN--Zippity-do -da.
--GR Anonymous