Monday, July 02, 2018

And Now, for Something Completely Different: Guadalupe County Will Pay People to Hunt Huge, Feral Hogs (Not to be Confused with Hunting Feral Humans)


Feral hogs, allegedly in Texas

Hogzilla--there must be a monster movie in this

By A Texas Reader

Guadalupe County will pay people to hunt feral hogs

Feral hog tails will soon be valued at $5 a pop in Guadalupe County.

N.S.: Am I missing something? Who is going to hunt feral hogs, weighing up to 600 lbs., for $5 each? Is this 1918, or 2018?


Anonymous said...

For sport more than anything else. You cannot make a living or even make your expenses by hunting the beasts. It is not as in the days of the buffalo hunters. But removing the hogs does prevent a lot of damage to the environment, so there is some sort of cost effectiveness.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
From what i've read about it, there is some profit in hunting hogs, farmers will pay professionals to remove nuisance ones and some hunters sell the meat and hides, though I think it's illegal to sell the meat in some states due to health concerns. I don't think there's anything wrong with the meat properly prepared but they do carry some diseases easily transmittable to humans if not handled right. They are dangerous animals though and that extra 5 bucks doesn't seem like much of an incentive to anyone just thinking about getting into the hog hunting business. I doubt it's going to encourage a wave of hunters to go out and kill them. Make it a 100 bucks and they might have something.