Sunday, July 08, 2018

Haitians being Haitian: “Shelter in Place!” All Hell Breaks Loose in Haiti, as Violent Mobs Try to Murder Trapped, White American Tourists



By Reader-Researcher R.C.

"Shelter in Place": All Hell Breaks Loose in Haiti as Violent Mobs Try to Murder Trapped American Tourists

A source on the ground in Haiti described the situation as "on fire" and only getting worse

R.C.: Why are Americans in Haiti?

N.S.: Apparently, they had an urgent desire to be raped and butchered.

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Anonymous said...

Haiti is a "sh*thole" country and no one with any sense should go there and we sure as hell shouldn't import any Haitians into this country. Judge Amy Barrett has adopted two Haitian children after the hurricane there. Where will she stand on the question of whether immigration rules should be for the benefit of third world would-be immigrants or of the American people? No good will come of replacing the American people with third world immigrants and hopefully President Trump will understand this when he chooses the next Justice for the Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news(from me):Democrats imho,would probably like to import these particular Haitians to the US,to thin out the white race a little here.Propaganda to follow that will pave the way.I'm sure the whites in Haiti will be villified for fighting back."Dead Haitian children" blah blah.
Basically,the media thinks all whites should roll over now,anytime blacks confront whites.Blacks are never wrong .They never lie.Any arguments must be decided in the black's favor or the threat of violence,job termination, lawsuit and screams of racism will ring out.These will be the eternal swords of Damocles hanging above whitey's collective heads.
Big question:Why has society decided to automatically go against whites the last year or so?When is the last time a white has won a public head to head argument with a black?
That's not equality--that's overwhelming FAVORITISM of blacks---and it appeared to get going after Starbucks.Currently,whites have seemingly lost any semblence of being able to stand up to and win a dispute with ANY blacks.White CEOs are the main problem.I'm dumbfounded.This is a recording.I'm dumbfounded.This is a recording.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Worst place in the world Haiti. NO hope. After whitey as they were two hundred years ago.

Anonymous said...

Evidently these are American evangelists gone to Haiti to convert the people of the place to Christianity beyond the voodoo type religion of the. Those Americans are GOING to need JESUS and pronto.