Sunday, July 08, 2018

The Patriarch of One of Sydney’s Most Notorious Middle Eastern Crime Gangs is to Give Evidence at Warwick Trial


Defendant Leonard John Warwick

By Reader-Researcher R.C.

Hamzy patriarch to give evidence at trial of Leonard Warwick

Former firefighter Leonard John Warwick is facing a judge-alone before Justice Peter Garling over the five-year spate of shootings and bombings.


Anonymous said...

"Serious errors by the police." They always say that. NO! The serious errors were by Hamzy.

Anonymous said...

Surprise Trump Announcement:
In an unimaginable twist,President Trump has decided that his nominee for the open Supreme Court seat will be...Donald Trump!!!
Inside sources revealed that Trump was looking for "someone I could trust,smart,witty and humble.Plus,in case I get impeached,I'll have a job to fall back on."
If he doesn't receive Senate approval?
Trump replied:"There's only one other person I would nominate--Nicholas Stix--if he'll accept."
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Well it turned out to be fake news,as President Trump selected Brett Kavanaugh.Stix finished second.
I tried CNN tonight and Luke McCloud(black),a former clerk for Kavanaugh praised his former boss as "an independent thinker."
Host Chris Cuomo tried to get McCloud to reveal some sinister secret (like catching Kavanaugh garbed in a white robe and hood in his chambers,while wearing a Hitler mustache),but McCloud had nothing but praise for the new SCOTUS nominee.
Is that good if a black law clerk likes a choice this important?CNN appeared pretty content,imho.Brit Hume,however,saw the other networks as "starting the protests already,because of previous decisions on the environment and corporations."
That's a quick summary.Better luck next time N.S.
--GR Anonymous