Sunday, July 08, 2018

Navy Seals Have Rescued Four Thai Boys from Cave so Far!

By Nicholas Stix

At The Guardian.


Anonymous said...

Amazing work.Democrats are planning protests because the rescued will be separated from their parents until after they're checked out at the hospital.
DeNiro said,"That f#*☆ing Trump is doing it again."
Joy Reid:"Only a racist would rip a child from a cave and take him to a hospital without seeing their parents."
I'm being sarcastic,but who knows?That might be closer to the truth than I know (I haven't flipped on the tube yet).
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the rest of the boys and their coach can be rescued before they run out of oxygen or the rains flood the rest of the cave and drown them. The sad thing is that a rescue diver already lost his life trying to save them. Whose stupid idea was this for young boys who can't even swim to go into a cave during the monsoon season? A few years ago a young medical student with a wife and child (and another baby on the way) squeezed himself head first into a cave in Utah with the idea that he could turn around later. He couldn't and died stuck upside down--a horrible way to die and so unnecessary. I suppose we can't stop adults from throwing away their precious lives with stupid stunts but these kids should never have been allowed to enter this cave.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think it odd that the Thai Government shooed away any and all news/media before they hauled out the first survivor?

Auntie Daca said...

How many Rescuers from Zimbabwe or any black nation were involved with the rescue effort? See any blacks running to help them? And how many black Firemen or Police who responded to 9/11 and ran to Ground Zero to help as many people as they could have died from cancer?

I can't help but notice blacks only do things when they're paid, they don't do it for free, the way whites will.