Thursday, July 05, 2018

Army Abruptly Discharging Illegal Alien Recruits

By Nicholas Stix

At The Washington Times.

Note to Associated Press gang members Martha Mendoza and Garance Burke, and to Washington Times editors: Illegal aliens and people with student visas are not “immigrants.”

And to immigration shyster Margaret Stock, Immigrants have not “been serving in the Army since 1775,” because there was no such thing at the time as “immigrants” in America.


Anonymous said...

At least back in my day you had to sign the contract to enter as enlisted. The question was specifically asked if you were a citizen or a legal resident. I you were illegal and signed that was a felony as you lied on a legal document.

Hell, whatever the nature of the contract, lying on the contract makes the document null and void.

Anonymous said...

Good, it's about time this is being done. Now go into NYC Civil Service jobs and throw out all the illegal aliens working for NYC. Start with HRA/Medicaid on Atlantic Avenue. Chinese, Pakistani, Nigerian, Bengali. They all lie about their status. They lie about their education. Fire all of them and give Americans the jobs.

The way it is now, illegal aliens have more right to work at a NYC Civil Service job than an American citizen.