Thursday, July 05, 2018

How Stupid is Jennifer Rubin?

By Nicholas Stix

I rarely read Trump-hating Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post, because she has no factual knowledge or wisdom to impart, and I have little interest in writing on her.

Rubin’s whole career is based on the notion that she is a “conservative,” or “neocon,” and thus of use to racial socialists to attack Republicans. In fact, she stands for no conservative principles, or for anything else. She’s nothing but an opportunistic enemy of America.

However, I do watch moron fodder racial socialists on CNN and MSNBC (where she’s a flunky), and thus occasionally hear her speak.

Rubin is paid to express hatred for President Trump, and support all those who wish to destroy his presidency.

(By the way, I believe she was misquoted as saying that “Sarah Huckabee” [sic] and other Trump staffers should be harassed wherever they go in public as a “life sentence.” I believe she said, “That’s a light sentence.” Rubin is bad enough, without one needing to misquote her.)

She was a pussy cat towards the genocidal racist John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama,” but is part of the seditious conspiracy seeking to topple a patriotic Republican president seeking to save the union.

Would she have applauded John Wilkes Booth?

Late last fall, I believe it was, I read a column of Rubin’s, in which her big piece of wisdom was to tell Americans who were out of work to move to boom towns.

Americans of both races used to do that without needing to be told, but that was then, this is now.

If Rubin had looked around, or read credible observers on the matter, she would have known that for white Americans, moving to a boomtown in search of work would cost them their last nickel, and get them no work, for the same reason they couldn’t find work where they live.

For a generation or more, white businessmen have waged a class war against the white working and middle classes, in which they have refused to hire them for jobs at all levels. Instead they hire Hispanic illegal aliens, third-rate Indian H-1Bs, and incompetent, racist, black affirmative action cases.

How many minutes did it take Rubin to type out that pathetic excuse for a column?


Anonymous said...

A new meaning for Rubinesque?Fat of head instead of body.

Anonymous said...

Companion words to Rubinesque:
New words derived from MSM on air employees names:
Acosta:v.To be unnecessarily yelled at or harrassed.
"I was Acosta'd at the press conference."
Lemon:n.A newscast that doesn't work.
"That show is a Lemon."
Tur:n. (var.turd) a crappy TV show.
"My TV set took a Tur today",meaning, "I had a horrible show on today."
Holt:v.racist slant(on NBC).
NBC CEO:"We put a Holt to the white cop/black teen story." attempt to attack a conservative or white person.
"Trump was Glored today on CBS."
Just a few of the names,we all detest watching.
--GR Anonymous