Friday, July 06, 2018

Leftists Start, Then Quickly Delete GoFundMe Campaign for Kino Jimenez


Kino Jimenez, in a San Antonio Whataburger, with the vic's MAGA hat, and a possible weapon

By A Texas Reader

At Big League Politics.

Texas Teen Attacked in Restaurant for Wearing “MAGA” Hat

"A teenager in Texas was attacked in a restaurant Tuesday for wearing a Make America Great Again hat. The 16-year-old supporter of President Trump was eating with ..."


Anonymous said...

With his 5 DWI arrests plus a burglary, this thug should have already been in jail. He displayed typical leftist behavior--bullying and an attempt to silence those who don't agree with him. From the behavior of this loser up to Democrat officials, we see the same attempt to use force against those with different opinions. In Washington the left--including officials--have been going after, not just the business, but also the life savings and farm of an older woman accused of not wanting to make floral arrangements for a homosexual wedding. There is word for the rot which infects the souls of these people--EVIL. And when they attain real power their real evil comes out--witness the tens of millions killed by Stalin, Mao, and Pol Po.

Anonymous said...

An adult in an unprovoked manner robbed and physically assaulted a minor. Also called the minor a nigger [the kid is white]. Nine times the amount of punishment due for the bad guy.

Anonymous said...

WHITE MAN loses job as blackie screams "racism!"at pool.
(NY POST)WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A white man who challenged a black family’s use of a private community’s pool has not only resigned from the homeowners association board — he’s lost his job.

Sonoco announced Friday that Adam Bloom is no longer employed by the packaging and industrial products company, saying it doesn’t condone discrimination of any kind, even if it happens outside its workplace.

A video posted on the Facebook page of Jasmine Edwards on July 4, seen more than 4 million times, shows what happened after Bloom questioned whether she was allowed to be at the pool in Winston-Salem. He also called police.

Bloom, Edwards and the responding officers all speak in measured tones in the video. She accuses him of singling out her and her young son as African-Americans by asking to see her ID. Bloom, who served as the chairman of the pool, responds that he asks residents to see their identification “a couple times” each week.

Officers then determined that Edwards, who lives in the neighborhood, did in fact have keycard access to the gated pool.

An officer then apologized to her. When Edwards asked Bloom for an apology, he walked away.

On Facebook, Edwards accused Bloom of racial profiling: “This is a classic case of racial profiling in my half a million $$ neighborhood pool. This happened to me and my baby today. What a shame!!”

The social media backlash was fierce, and soon targeted Bloom’s employer. In a Twitter post, South Carolina-based Sonoco apologized to Edwards and said the situation doesn’t reflect company values.

“We are aware of a terrible incident involving the actions of one of our employees outside the workplace,” the statement said, adding that the “employee is no longer employed by the company in any respect.”

Company spokesman Brian Risinger confirmed that Bloom’s separation was “effective immediately.” Risinger said Bloom was a business development manager who had been with Sonoco for about five years.

An attorney for Bloom told the Winston-Salem Journal he had simply been performing his duties as a neighborhood official after another woman approached Bloom questioning whether Edwards had the right to be poolside.

Lawyer John Vermitsky said his client called police to “make sure that the interaction didn’t escalate,” and said it’s “unfortunate that conclusions are being reached by people who have seen a 46-second video of their interaction.”
GRA:This was on the Lesta-less NNN tonight.It looks like whites in charge of anything,must give blacks full access
to any business(like Starbucks),club or private location--even if the blacks feel slighted by being asked for ID AND if they may or may not belong there.The woman did not cooperate.If she had swiped her card immediately,the whole brouhaha could have been avoided.She immediately went for the racial profiling angle--and is probably looking to sue.The white man meanwhile,loses his job.The new America.
--GR Anonymous