Monday, January 08, 2018

Merkel Destroys German Police Forces, Rule of Law, Through Affirmative Action Moslem Takeover

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After 1:53, the rest of the following Still Report video is a commercial.


See my VDARE report on crypto-Communist Chancellor Angela Merkel’s destruction of Germany, “Is the Final Solution to the German Question at Hand?”


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Merkel's wet dream?
Yes, I'm talking about 40,000 illegal African migrants in Israel. The Israeli government is demonstrating sanity by planning to expel nearly all of them with the exception of women, children and men with children. 95% of these "refugees" are single young males and we all know when it's only men, they are fraudulent as conflict refugees. Is Europe and America going to follow suit? Maybe there's hope for the US with Trump in office but Merkel and her traitorous collabos would probably love nothing better than to ship them to Europe.

Gotta love Foxnews for including this story:
It took the Germans a “study” to figure out that a mass influx of mostly single young black and Muslim males increases crime. Wonder how much they paid for this study? I could have told them that for free.

Anonymous said...

"Don't think about infiltrating them [mafia], they [mafia] have us [Chicago police] infiltrated." A Chicago cop.

Same as in Germany with the German police and the jihadi.

Anonymous said...
GRA:Hungary's opinion on Merkle and Muslims.

Anonymous said...
One more from ZH.
--GR Anonymous