Monday, January 22, 2018

California Wages Civil War on the Union! Criminal General Xavier Becerra Threatens to Prosecute Any Employer Who Obeys Federal Immigration Laws


California Criminal General Xavier Becerra

By “W” and Reader-Researcher RC

AG: “We will prosecute” employers who violate sanctuary laws

“W”: CA state officials should all be arrested.

N.S.: They are pushing the envelope on practically a daily basis, daring Trump to do just that. They know he can’t stop federal taxpayer dollars from heading there, sue to the Ninth Circus. However, if he sends federales there to make arrests, not only will there be a potentially deadly face-off with rogue state cops, but the Circus will come to town, as well.

Trump has no choice but to start impeaching federal judges... and/or having them shot.


At Infowars.

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