Monday, January 15, 2018

Martin Luther King Jr. Would Have Stood with Trump: He Didn't Want Migrants from Third-World Hellholes Here, Either!



By Reader-Researcher RC

This weekend, the media was imploding over the unconfirmed "s**thole countries" comment that President Trump was accused of making by two far left Democrats who took part in an immigration meeting with the President. Sen. Dick Durbin claimed that the President used 'hate-filled, vile and racist' language in an immigration meeting. Now, to clarify, even if the dubious and leaked comments were said by the President, there is nothing 'racist' about them; to claim that they are racist is to confuse ethnicity with citizenship. Despite this - one of the media's main talking points, and a talking point by crazed and corrupt leftist

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The Rev Trump.Hilarious.