Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Black Philadelphia Councilwoman Cindy Bass Declares Race War to the Death on Korean Deli Owners (Video)

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Q: What are you nuts? Your asking store clerks to commit suicide. What's your gain for This? Are the thugs giving you a cut?

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I found an article on Snopes that gave more background on this story:
There does seem to be some exaggeration about this. However, I do think the underlying motivation of councilwoman Bass is still racist.

The main target of Councilwoman Cindy Bass's bill was "beer delis", quasi restaurant/bars that sold food but also hard liquor and drug paraphernalia through bulletproof plexiglass barriers. These businesses skirt the border of legality and the bill was designed to regulate them out of business, one of the provisions was that bulletproof plexiglass barriers must be removed. According to the article the new provisions was not supposed to affect typical convenience stores.
Ms. Bass never actually referred to bulletproof barriers as "racist", though she did state in an interview there was an "indignity" being served food through glass. That comment is revealing about Ms. Bass's motives. What does "indignity" have to do with anything? Other than the customers are mostly black and the owners of the stores probably mostly foreign immigrants from Asia or white.

What do plexiglass barriers have to do with anything anyways? It's the stores that claim to be restaurants selling little food but lots of hard liquor and drug paraphernalia that are the problem. The kind of security a business uses it none of the city councils business, as long as it's defensive and not lethal to anyone, unless they are concerned about gangbangers bullets ricocheting back to those poor gangsters instead of store owners and patrons. If these beer delis are put out of business the barriers go away anyways because there is no business.

Despite the claims of the council, I'm suspicious that once the beer deli problem goes away, it's a short step to applying the rule to other businesses, which is why you have to be very wary about enacting new laws, be sure to read the fine print and understand the underlying ideology motivating the crafters of the new laws.

Anonymous said...

Of course the leftist Snopes, as usual, tries to spin out of this but there is no denying that this racist politician says barriers in certain neighborhoods are an indignity--so people doing business in these sh*tholes have to be vulnerable to black crime. It is high time for Asians to wake up and stop supporting Democrats who, in this case, will get them killed. Of course the same goes for Jews and homosexuals who persist in voting for Democrats and supporting Muslim immigration when Jews and homosexuals are the first people who the Muslims will target once their population grows to European levels. Why are Jews fleeing France? Someone needs to ask American Jewish organizations this question. The Democrat Party's power stems from a coalition of special interest groups--many of whom suffer under Democrats. Time to wake up!

Glaivester said...

From what I understand, the particular businesses being targeted are a group of businesses that are known to serve as drug fronts or fronts for illegal alcohol sales or somesuch. The goal of banning bulletproof glass for these particular establishments is to drive them out of business. It's basically a roundabout way to get a certain type of establishment banned in the city.

Courtney A. Williams said...

The removal of that that type of glass is long overdue. It’s uninviting, however community members have historically dealt with that. The glass promotes the negative phenomena that presents itself on the other side of the glass. Additionally these types of businesses are a nuisance. If it’s not safe to face an interpersonal transaction minus the glass, then the business owner should relocate. Too many businesses are seeing to profit economically in oppressed communities. And truthfully that move could not be made among every cultural group. If you get a chance check out “should Chinese restaurants stay open past 11pm?” lastly the removal of the glass shouldn’t force people out of business , if it does then that speaks to the larger issue of race antagonism.