Friday, January 19, 2018

NO DACA: The Sign, Coming to a Highway Overpass Near You



A virtual acquaintance sent me the above photograph, and the text below.

This worked out as I hoped. The entire overpass was turned into a sign.

The Dreamers came by and accosted us. They told us their sob stories. They asked us why didn’t we care?

My response?

When you were calling us racists
When you cheered on 8 years of Obama and planned for Hillary’s final destruction of the country
When you voted Democratic and promised to retake Aztlan for Mexico
When you laughed at the destruction of American Cities
Whey you laughed as our statues were destroyed
When our history was destroyed our books banned, our speech censored
When Hispanic gangs raped and killed and ran drugs....

Did YOU CARE? ...

No you didn’t give a f#ck
And that’s my attitude to you.


Anonymous said...

No MAS Immigration.Si.
If we do,maybe we can get rid of the following phrase:
"Press 1 to continue in English."
Among the other things mentioned,think of the time we'd all save.



Anonymous said...

To end the stalemate,Trump will have to give in to Senor Schumer.It's as obvious as the fake boobs on Salma Hayek's chest.
I wish Trump would let the Dems sweat it out,but I wouldn't bet one peso on that happening."Loch Ness" McConnell sounded like a scared Jimmy Stewart(facing Liberty Valance)tonight--without the integrity or real courage(as much as a movie character can have.)
He's already looking to give the farm away and blame Trump.

Anonymous said...

I want my civil service job back with out the Pakistani's, Nigerians, Chinese,Bengali s, Panamanians, Hondurans, Cubans, Ecuadorians, Guatamalians, Caribbean Bums.

I'm so tired of those who hate the USA benefiting from our government.