Thursday, January 18, 2018

$250 Million

Last Thursday night, I believe it was, Lügenpresse chief honcho Ben Smith of BuzzFeed (formerly of Politico) was on MSNBC, talking with the hostess about the “Steele dossier” that Smith had loosed on the world. (I don’t know many of the mopes at MSNBC.)

This “dossier” is one of the most notorious journalistic hoaxes in the history of the printed word, and yet Smith and the mope were speaking as if it were a legendary scoop. He was chiding the most powerful leftwing media operations, e.g., the New York Times and Washington Post (who had passed on the hoax), for being obsessed with their status as “gatekeepers.” Smith spoke of “the public’s right to know.”

Other times over the past two weeks, we’ve heard other MSNBC
talking heads assert that the Steele dossier has “not been debunked,” just “not corroborated.”

You know what also has yet to be “corroborated”? The existence of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and of Dracula.

The Steele dossier is often described as “opposition research.” But “opposition research” entails digging up dirt on one’s client’s opponent, not making stuff up. And journalism organizations do not pay outside firms to do their “research” for them.

Ben Smith must be the world’s richest blogger. A few years ago,
MSNBC bought a 25% stake in his blog for $250 million.

A blog worth a billion dollars?! Like crime, lying sure pays these days.

I won’t be offended, if you give me something less than $250 million.

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Nicholas Stix


Anonymous said...

If I could pretend to be Trump for a second,and give nicknames out,I would think those creatures ARE around,moving among us as we breathe and live.
BigFoot?Has to be Chuck Schumer (a sufferer of Bigfoot in mouth disease)Durbin a close second.
Loch Ness? Mitch McConnell,a swamp creature silently swimming just below the surface-who occasionally pokes his slimy head above water
during certain stressful political situations.If you blink,you miss him.Then he submerges again,until the next time.
Dracula?Many candidates,but my pick would be Pelosi,a creature of much plastic surgery,feeding off the blood of minorities and liberal whites.
They DO exist.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Loch Ness sighted on the Senate floor,11:13am Friday 1/19/18.