Sunday, January 28, 2018

DACA: Trump’s Proffer is Brilliant


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By Glaivester
Saturday, January 27, 2018 at 7:21:00 P.M. EST

I'm hoping that this is a ploy - the fact that the Democrats are trashing this proposal rather than negotiating the terms is hopeful to me... it suggests that nothing will get passed. According to Bill Mitchell, what Trump is doing is offering the Democrats a very generous offer he knows they will not be able to accept.

• This will split them from the RINOs;
• It will mark the Democrats as the extremists in the discussion; and
• Perhaps it will portend a debate among the Republicans trying to get a bill passed without the Democrats, where the goal will be to take the President's framework and pull it to the right.

The point being to do everything possible to show the Democrats for the unreasonable extremists they are... then win big in 2018.

Perhaps the solution to DACA will be a continuing resolution, extend it for a year sort of deal, with the hopes of a different Congress and Senate by then.

Nonetheless, pointing out how bad this framework is, is still a good thing, because it emphasizes how generous the deal the Democrats are rejecting is, and it makes it harder for someone to actually make the deal happen.

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