Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Republican Congressman Wants Illegal Immigrants Who Attend State of the Union “Arrested and Deported”

By Reader-Researcher RC

A Republican congressman on Tuesday called for authorities to arrest and deport any illegal immigrants who try to attend the State of the Union.

[Rep. Paul] Gosar’s statement follows approximately 30 House Democrats saying they are bringing so-called DREAMers -- illegal immigrants who were brought to the U.S. at a young age -- to President Trump’s speech at the Capitol.

But these guests are protected from deportation: President Obama in 2012 issued an executive order shielding them from being deported. Trump has since ordered an end to the program, but that doesn’t go into effect until March.

At Fox News.

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Anonymous said...

Trump gave standard Trumpfare tonight--what he likes to give before a large audience nowadays.Not memorable to me.
Dems picked baby faced Joe Kennedy III (aka Ron Howard)to give the opposing speech,speaking "illegal Mexican" along the way,promising to take care of all in this country--whatever their problems are.
A few points:
1)Real Americans speak English
2)We don't have enough money to "take care" of everyone.People have to,at least TRY,to take care of themselves.
3)Politicians like Kennedy,who promise heaven on earth,are liars.Nirvana does not exist here.Maybe if he found a way to donate all the Kennedy wealth,plus Bill Gates,Bezos,Buffett net worth into the federal budget pot,he could achieve it.Guess how many of those guys would donate a dime to that cause.No one.
No,instead it's suck the white middle class dry and give it to minorities of all types and sexual orientations.
Ron Howard's(Kennedy) version of "Happy Days",is not white families thriving,like on the sit com.It's "Blackish" and "Brownish" and "Fresh Off the Boat"--with no room at the inn,for the whites that built this country.
Kennedy is a fraud and anti-American.Too bad.
--GR Anonymous