Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Big Lie Behind the Movie, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


Rape-Murder victim Kathy Page

Frances McDormand plays the feminized protagonist in the fictional version of the story

The real person McDormand’s character is based on, is Kathy Page’s father, James Fulton. The rape-murder was committed in Vidor, Texas.

By Nicholas Stix

Three Billboards is thus yet another picture in which the heroism of a very real white man is stolen, and credited to a member of an affirmative action group, as in Flight, A Dolphin’s Tale, and A Dolphin’s Tale II.

In today’s Daily Mail.


Anonymous said...

We can't have white men doing anything heroic. Not in the PC New World Order.

OT - just as the fires of hatred are simmering down, let's flame them back up again with this dozy. Paid for by NJ tax dollar and federal arts grants. The title of the dance piece is Where Have you Gone Trayvon?
The answer is to hell where you belong.

Anonymous said...

I-10 passes right through the center of Vidor? My instantaneous thought was that this crime was the result of a career criminal just passing by and decided to take the exit randomly and do a job.

That sort of crime is much more common than we might think?