Friday, January 26, 2018

Obama-Farrakhan Photo Released After 13-Year Media Cover-Up


The John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” and black supremacist cop-killer, Louis Farrakhan

By Reader-Researcher RC

Obama-Farrakhan Photo Released After 13-Year Media Cover-up - Breitbart

A photograph of then-Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has emerged after 13 years.

At Breitbart.

N.S.: We have reported before on Obama’s support of the murder cult, the Nation of Islam.


Allies: The Nation of Islam division, New Black Panther Party leader Malik Zulu Shabazz and “Barack Obama” sharing a stage in 2007, during the latter's presidential campaign. I know of no public figure other than Shabazz, for whom there are so few photographs available on the Web.

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David In TN said...

Have you ever wondered if Obama has shaken hands with one of the "Vandykes from Clark Howard's 1979 book "Zebra?"