Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Fantastic Segments of Tucker Carlson, then Carlson and Mark Steyn, on Immigration Policy (Videos)

By An Old Friend

Two videos embedded, about seven minutes and about five.

Carlson has really learned the subject in depth, not just avoiding hackneyed “nation of immigrants” type of blather but also talking about basic questions (e.g. “How does this benefit average Americans?”).

Steyn, of course, is the superstar among superstars on the subject.

Tucker Carlson’s Response to Black Racist Joy Reid


Fox News
Published on Jan 22, 2018
Tucker's Thoughts: Tucker responds to MSNBC's Joy Reid's allegations that he has been pushing “white nationalist” points of view on immigration. #Tucker

Mark Steyn and Tucker Carlson: Joy Reid Thinks Only Certain People Can Talk Immigration


Fox News
Published on Jan 22, 2018

Author and commentator Mark Steyn on Joy Reid's 'white nationalist' allegations against Tucker Carlson and the mainstream media's refusal to address the inconvenient truth about illegal immigration. #Tucker

Mark Steyn discusses matters at his place: MSNBC’s House Genealogist.


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Anonymous said...

I posted the article that Italy would have less than half of its population being comprised of Italians in 50 years.Steyn mentioned other countries in the same "boat",so to speak.The USA,which for 2 centuries,was at least 90% white,is headed for a similar event.The USA WAS WHITE--founded by whites--and its evolution into a world power of the 19th and 20th centuries,was guided by WHITES.The greatness of America was because of the white population.
The countrymen of all these nations, act like deer in headlights,as outside forces attempt to reconfigure the essence of these countries.Italy will not be able to be called Italy in 50 years,and the United States will not be
that either.Look at how California and Washington ignore laws regarding illegals.This is the start of the end of 50 states and a probable morphing of California into a Mexican territory a few years out.
Once whites are outnumbered,the USA will cease to exist.Change the name to Africa jr,because that's all it will be.Why this can't be seen--except by a small number of whites--is a puzzle and biggest problem of my lifetime.
--GR Anonymous