Sunday, January 28, 2018

Ex-NY Giants Player Sent to Prison for $1.6M Fraud Case

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Orlando Magic waived Adreian Payne, the latest fallout from what has become a crisis at Michigan State.

Magic coach Frank Vogel confirmed the move Saturday, declining further comment other than to wish Payne well.

ESPN: MSU’s mishandling of claims extends beyond Nassar
Payne was part of an ESPN report, detailing sexual assault allegations against former Spartans. ESPN’s Outside the Lines reported Payne and fellow former MSU star Keith Appling sexually assaulted a female student in their dorm room. The 6-foot-10 forward was drafted No. 15 overall in 2014 by Atlanta out of Michigan State and was traded during his rookie season to Minnesota.
GRA:A small part of this is the media focusing on MSU because of the Larry Nassar scandal--it's media piling on.But a larger view is the pervasive cover-ups of black athlete sex crimes on campuses,which then proceed to the NBA.It's not just MSU,is my point.The light is just being pointed at them now.Can't the light be spread to all universities,on this topic?Stop the secrecy.Black crime on campus needs to be brought out for discussion(like they'll listen to me or ANYONE).
---GR Anonymous

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Most of those NFL and NBA multi-millionaires when they career over bankrupt within three to five years.

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This year's Grammy Awards ceremony was all about social and political causes: The #MeToo movement was heavily represented, and a sketch featuring celebrities - including Hillary Clinton - mocking President Trump by reading passages from Michael Wolff's controversial "Fire and Fury"

Unsurprisingly, this didn't go over to well with the millions of Americans who still unequivocally support the president - and it showed in the ratings.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the CBS telecast was down a staggering 21% from 2017 - potentially an all time low.

This mirrors the slide in NFL ratings that several surveys have attributed to players' decisions to kneel during games.

Overnight returns from Nielsen Media give it a 12.7 rating among households - marking its biggest drop since 2013, the year after audience numbers swelled as people tuned in for a tribute for the then-recently deceased Whitney Houston.

Last year, the Grammys shifted the show back to a Sunday, a decision that ultimately helped push ratings higher. But unlike the last few years, the Grammys happened relatively early in the year - the last time the awards show aired in January was during 2014.
GRA:If I wanted to see coons doing nothing but standing around,I could drive a short distance from my house.I'm tired of all the blacks on TV,taking over every network and event.Didn't watch.
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