Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Chicago Bulls Ready to Dump Racist Hate Crime Victim Nikola Mirotic, While Keeping Racist Hate Criminal, Bobby Portis; Media Operative Adds Insult to Injury

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 1:49:00 P.M. EST

NBA trade deadline: Bulls close to dealing Nikola Mirotic to Pelicans for Omer Asik
By Chris Barnewall 9m ago • 1 min read
CBS Sports

The Pelicans and Bulls are reportedly closing in on a deal that will send disgruntled wing Nikola Mirotic to New Orleans in exchange for big man Omer Asik. This is a huge deal for a Pelicans team that needed the shooting and cap space that this brings to their future.

GRA: So the black, violent instigator stays (Portis) and whitey vic (Mirotic) goes. Who would take Portis, in all honesty, after he assaulted and battered his teammate?

Obviously, and understandably, Mirotic could not mend fences with Portis, and it should be his right to work in a place where he feels comfortable and safe from violence. The Bulls should have released Portis and called the police the same day as the incident.

It was that simple, and they blew it.

Btw, check out the writer's description of Mirotic—as “disgruntled.”

Biased writing, anyone?

N.S.: And Barnewall didn’t mention Bobby Portis once.

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Anonymous said...

Follow-up on a post I submitted a couple months ago,about the continuous journeys of,who I'll call the "Travelin' Man"--Avery Bradley.
I noted then that newspapers (Detroit Free Press) had come out with info that Bradley had entered into an agreement to pay off a woman he had allegedly sexually assaulted in Cleveland,while he was with Boston,in May of 2017--in exchange for her silence.
Over the summer,Bradley was traded to Detroit--with no one aware of the assault case yet.I believe in November,the story came out and I suggested Bradley's off court problems as the probable reason for the trade.
Now,he's off to L.A.
Just have one question:Why?
Well,two questions.Why is it that Bradley is wanted by another team,but Bobby Portis is not.
Okay,a third question.Why aren't both players in prison?
--GR Anonymous