Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The New Sex Tourism—You Can Do It Without Ever Leaving Home! In Sweden, “Compassionate,” “Tolerant,” “Humanitarian,” Horny, Middle-Aged, Leftwing White Women “Help” Under-aged “Refugees,” in Order to Have Sex with Them!



By Reader-Researcher RC

Three women employed at a refugee accommodation center in Örnsköldsvik Municipality were discovered to have started intimate relationships with unaccompanied tenants in their teens. The incident was ultimately discovered by the municipality and the police…

Swedish Migrant Center Employees Quit Over 'Sex with Migrant Kids' Scandal

In addition to posing financial difficulties and severe integration problems, it's been found that the migrant crisis in Sweden has a morbid underside in the form of unethical sexual relations between the newcomers and staff.

"What Sweden really has done here is the biggest import of gigolos in human history. Then, taxpayers have been made to pay for this immoral sex party and call it 'humanism,'" EABT told the Nyheter Idag outlet. "This is not a migrant crisis, this is a globalist brothel," he argued.

“Imagine that 45,000 young Ukrainian women come to Sweden as refugees. They claim that they are a few years younger than they really are and attract a lot of attention from older Swedish men who flock around them, prey on them, want to hug them and ‘take care of them.' How do you think the feminists would have reacted? How do you think the media and the public would have reacted?” EABT said, hypothesizing on how it would have looked like, had the gender roles been reversed.

According to the Youtuber, accusations of human trafficking and pedophilia would have sprung up almost instantly.



Anonymous said...

A society where the women prostitute themselves in large numbers is a defeated society. These women defeat themselves with a perverse masochism.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I've said before and I'll say it again...and again... There is a hugely skewed ratio of single young men migrating from the Muslim and African world. These men will never admit it, but they are generally betas who can't get into the polygamy game so go to the West looking for white women they see on TV and the internet. White women in the West are well aware of the disproportion of single men coming to the West and WANT them here. They'll give phony lip service to families, women and children but really don't give a shit about those kind of immigrants, this is purely about their own desires. Even the women that won't necessarily be interested sexually in those kind of men like having more men around to enhance their personal power against white men.

Women, simply should not, be given any authority in regard to immigration policy, they are incapable of being objective, rational and fair.

PB said...

"Women, simply should not, be given any authority in regard to immigration policy, they are incapable of being objective, rational and fair."

Female participation in government should be severely restricted. They do too much damage in proportion to any value they may bring.