Monday, January 22, 2018

Paul Craig Roberts Slams NSA: “It's a Blackmail Agency”



By A Friend Who Wrote a Lot More than is Safe to Publish

Paul Craig Roberts Slams The NSA: “It’s A Blackmail Agency”

"American insouciance is a great enabler of the ability of the security agencies and their media whores to control the explanations."

[I know someone] who works at Fort [deleted by N.S.]. The military man is not allowed to carry a personal mobile phone into his office at [deleted]. He told his wife that if he were to ever call her and say, "It's time," then she was to gather their two daughters, get into the family car and drive. Where, who knows? Just away from [deleted by N.S.].


General David Petraeus and his (fill in the blank), Paula Broadwell

By the way, any bets on who outed General Petraeus and his affair?

N.S.: What struck me about the Petraeus affair, was that the general’s “biographer,” Paula Broadwell, was a complete fraud. She reportedly had her own “ghostwriter.” If she was wasn’t writing the book, then she was no biographer. Accordingly, the only job she had, as far as I can tell, was of sleeping with Petraeus.

There’s a name for that. Why, then were the media “shocked, shocked,” that she was doing just what she was paid to do?

Petraeus scandal

"The Petraeus scandal is a series of events that garnered strong media attention when an extramarital affair between retired four-star general David Petraeus, then ..."

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