Friday, January 19, 2018

Victory for the First Amendment, or Pyhhric Victory? Richard Spencer Will Speak at Michigan State University


Maybe it's the style of clothes that helped him prevail--Richard Spencer used to wear some ugly-ass suits--but his current style meets with our approval at WEJB/NSU. But what on earth will he find to talk about?

By Reader-Researcher RC

Spence will speak on March 5—during semester break—according to the terms of a settlement agreement reached by attorneys for the university and Spencer ally, Cameron Padgett.

[N.S.: The Detroit News cut off Padgett’s first name, either as a slight, to limit readers’ knowledge, or out of incompetence.]

Spencer will also need serious security, or else communists and anarchists will simply do what they have done to him before, and blast megaphones, thereby making it impossible for the audience to hear him.

MSU will allow white nationalist to speak on campus

Spencer will speak March 5 at the Auditorium in the Pavilion for Agriculture and Livestock Education

N.S.: Commenters are already joking about how Spencer will be speaking in a building dedicated to bull[spit].


Anonymous said...

Not a fan of Spencer--has the smell of collectivism about him--I believe he would like socialized medicine (now sanitized as "single-payer"--"single-payer" is to socialized medicine as "undocumented immigrant" is to illegal alien}.
Now the person I would like to hear is Nicholas Stix. With his take-no-prisoners style, it would be great to hear him--maybe in a panel with Coulter, Malkin, and Buchanan. Now who could resist watching a show like that?
I searched on the internet but was unable to find any video of Stix speaking.

Anonymous said...

. "But what on earth will he find to talk about?"

Maybe he will just read from the Bible? I am sure that will be offensive to some.