Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Chinese Immigrant Who Served as CIA Agent in China, Arrested for Keeping Names and Phone Numbers of CIA Agents, and Locations of Secret Facilities; He’s Suspected of being Red Chinese Double-Agent Who Got Our Agents Killed

By Nicholas Stix

At Newsweek.


Anonymous said...

The characteristic signature of the Chinese intelligence services. They trust and work with only their own kind.

Anonymous said...

Foreigners should never be employed in sensitive positions. Back in saner times, there were exclusion zones where Russians were not allowed to set foot. Now we have Chinese in laboratories and the CIA. There are many cases of Chinese stealing American secrets and selling them to the Communists. And people from Taiwan cannot be trusted either--too many of them actually are sympathetic to the Reds. Yes, there are immigrants who are now patriotic Americans, but it is too hard to separate those who are loyal to America from those who are only in it for themselves or their racial homeland.

Mark Carter said...

The Chinese are Communist ad so is the CIA. Visit my website for the real details.