Monday, January 22, 2018

Reconquista Cong. Luis Gutierrez on DPUSA Shutdown: “It’s really about the color of your skin and the country you come from”


Reconquistas can't spell in any language

Genocidal, pan-African flag of Marcus Garvey's United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA)

Reader-Researcher RC
Sun, Jan 21, 2018 10:19 p.m.

At Infowars.

Well, true.


N.S. Does Gutierrez mean that as a criticism, or a compliment? After all, that's exactly what he thinks.


Anonymous said... honest spic.

Anonymous said...

Misread the story.Thought the LaRaza Gutierrez and the Congressional Gutierrez,were the same guy.Down deep they probably both DO think alike though---get rid of whitey and take over the US through reproduction and immigration (invasion).Blacks and Muslims,the same plan.
I've said it before,there needs to be a tax break for whites to encourage more kids to be born.Trump,can you sneak that one through Congress,or just an executive order?lol.
---GR Anonymous

jeigheff said...

If my kid attended UT, I wouldn't be happy about professors like Guitierrez.

I once read a lament by a parent whose child was brain-washed at a university: "They took my daughter and my money."

Anonymous said...

The irony is that he's white, a pure Spaniard, just like Jorge Ramos, just as white as Doanald Trump or Jared Taylor.

Nicholas said...


Last Sunday, my son and I visited my communist sister. At on point, my 24-year-old niece, with an overpriced private university B.A. niece "explained" to my almost 18-year-old son that blacks can't be racist, they can only be prejudiced. (She left out the supporting sophistry, whereby only whites can be "racist, because only they have power.)

Fortunately, he knew all about that garbage. I don't recall if I'd explained it to him, or he figured it out on his own.

I simply remarked, "There's a college-educated person."

Millions of white parents in this county have gone along to get along at work, and acted the same at home to their children, regarding the genocidal racism their kids are taught at school.

Why have kids, if you're going to surrender them anyway?

That parent said it perfectly. The antiversity seeks to take everything from a normal white man, while giving him the boot.

However, I'm sure there are cases where parents do everything right, but their kids choose evil. Evil pays.