Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Thirteenth Reason for Abolishing MLK Day



[“Twelve Reasons Why Martin Luther King Day Should be Abolished.”]

By Nicholas Stix

His name wasn’t Martin Luther King Jr.; it was Michael King Jr.

He was born Michael King Jr., the son of Michael King Sr. Neither the father nor the son ever changed his name. So, how can you have a national holiday celebrating a man under a name he never legally bore?

This is similar to the Barack Obama problem, but the BO problem is worse. In “Obama’s” case, a man was illegally elected president of America twice running under a fake name.


Anonymous said...

Only 13 reasons for abolishing King day??

Nicholas said...

You got more? Let's hear 'em!

Anonymous said...

Maybe even an illegal alien. Barry! It he became an Indonesian citizen and took the name of Barry Soetero he gave up his U.S. citizenship but never made a legal effort to gain back.

Anonymous said...

Michael King was a sham, a fake. Too bad that holiday for him isn't fake. Billions spent on a fraud that mostly White people pay for. Just more appeasing the low lives that are never going to be appeased.

Anonymous said...

More of them? KKKing and his agitators would go into an area where there was relative peace between the races. Roil up the situation and create animosity. then KKKing and his minions would leave and leave behind a bad situation with hostility and hate between the groups.