Friday, January 26, 2018

I Speak for the Dead

A friend from California recently sent me some articles on the Nation of Islam’s hate crime murders of whites in California, including the San Francisco “Zebra Murders,” which made up approximately 25% of the NOI’s Golden State murders of whites.

The three white, 1973 victims in the article I posted (with more to come) were Jose Villaroman Jr., 18; Stephen Conachy, 22; and Army Pvt. Stephen Frechette, 18.

My friend is a family member of one of the murder victims.

When you are able to reach the public—notwithstanding Google’s sabotage—with news about murders that the powers that be have alternately swept under the rug and lied about, in order to diminish them, while terrorizing into silence others who tried to inform the public, leaving you the last man standing, you gain new friend/researchers in faraway places, from California to France.

I have been researching and writing on the Nation of Islam’s nationwide racist murders of whites since 2004 or 2005.

And as all frequent readers are aware, I have a stable of buddies all over the country, who act as voluntary reader-researchers. Not only do they send me articles on local and national events, but they tell me about crimes committed in their own neighborhoods or regions last night, and 50 years ago.

As the truth is washed away by professional liars, who engage in reverse reporting, over time the public comes to know less and less about history with which it was once familiar, while those who remember gradually die off, or lose their memories.

Hindsight is no longer 20-20. Increasingly, it’s blind.

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Nicholas Stix

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David In TN said...


Manuel Moore is no longer listed as being incarcerated at the Inmate Locator for the California Department of Corrections. Jessie Cooks and Larry Green are still in the system. Both come up for parole (again) in 2020.

Moore was still there the last time I checked, but isn't now. If he died, it's not on the internet. If Moore was paroled, I can't find any news either.

California has released many murderers the last few years due to "overcrowding" and "the low crime rate."

Has one of the Zebra Killers been released on parole/ Or did he die in prison?