Monday, January 29, 2018

For Certain Classes of Felons, the Killing is Free; Small-Town Montana Boy Makes Bad


The late Joseph “JoJo” Gregory Carnefix III befriended the wrong guy, and now, unless there’s a surviving brother to pick up the slack, there’ll be no JoJo IV.

Polite killer Jacob Burroughs, 19, pleaded guilty to negligent homicide with tears in his eyes in court on January 26. But don’t worry about Jacob—he got a free killing. He killed his friend while driving 110-120 mph.

Burroughs timeline
• First arrest
Arrested for felony burglary in medical marijuana dispensary
July 29 [2016]

• Released
Released after posting bail
Aug. 10

• Fatal crash
Arrested for negligent homicide in crash that killed 17-year-old Joseph Carnefix
Sept. 1

• Released
Released after posting $50,000 bail
Sept. 6

Cited for an MIP [minor in possession of alcohol] after reportedly caught drinking at Montana State University homecoming football game
Sept. 24

• Arrested again
Arrested on two warrants totaling $100,000 after prosecutor files petition to revoke release
Sept. 30

• Bail
New bail set at $60,000. Posts bail and is released that same day.
Oct. 7

• Violation
Tests positive for alcohol. Admits that he drank wine the previous day.
Oct. 16

• Warrants
Two new warrants, totaling $100,000, issued for his arrest
Oct. 20

• Arrested (again)
Burroughs was again arrested on Oct. 21.
Oct. 21

• Increase bail
Judge John Brown increases Burroughs’ bail to $160,000.
Nov. 16

• Released from jail
Burroughs posts bail and is again released from jail.
Jan. 4, 2017

• Positive tests
Burroughs tests positive for cocaine and TCH in a random drug test.
April 28 [2017]

By A Montana Reader

N.S.: Montana Reader sent me the following links, asking:

MR: What do you notice about this article:

“Teen Pleads Guilty to Negligent Homicide in Deadly Crash” (The Bozeman Daily Chronicle).

And gee, gosh, golly, here's "his" page at the paper's website: Jacob Burroughs.

... nice timeline to May 17, 2017 here (scroll down): “Warrants Again Issued for Bozeman Negligent Homicide Suspect” (The Bozeman Daily Chronicle).

Response by N.S.: That the BDC operative, Whitney Bermes, keeps referring to the 18 and then-19-YO perp as a “teen”?

That no matter how many times Jacob Burroughs re-offends, he just gets bonded out again?

That Burroughs gets depicted as if he were a patient, rather than a career criminal?

That Burroughs has no insight whatsoever, and just continues doing whatever he feels like doing?

That the BDO does not permit reader comments on these stories?

And I think this was the zinger you were thinking of: Burroughs just keeps committing crime after crime after crime, at every level, including killing someone, without ever getting punished.

MR: What I notice is that he looks black (mulatto, actually) -- no?

And that's a pretty small demographic in Bozeman and Montana.

[N.S.: Under President Donald J. Trump, the Census Bureau has literally “Xed” out “Race and Hispanic Origin” that I’ve been retrieving from their Website’s “Quick Facts” section for many years. However, the Bureau’s “American FactFinder” section reports that Bozeman is 0.5% “Black or African American,” and 2.1% “Two or More Races.” However, this section no longer provides stats on “Non-Hispanic Whites.” It reports that Bozeman is 93.6% white, but that would include some Hispanics (“Hispanic or Latino of any race”), who are listed as 2.9% of the population.

The Bureau’s “American FactFinder” section does, however, still contain such information on Montana, which it reports is 86.8% “Not Hispanic or Latino/White alone.” In other words, Montana is one of the whitest places in America, and Bozeman is even whiter.]

N.S.: Well, yes, he does, but that's so common for your garden variety career criminal in this country that I didn't remark upon it. Also, when I noted that he received affirmative action sentencing all the way down the line, the mulatto factor was a given.

I didn't consider the Bozeman factor, but affirmative action sentencing is apparently universal in America, regardless of local demographics.

Jacob Burroughs surely committed many crimes as a minor, and once he attained majority in the eyes of the criminal in Montana, at 17, he committed felonies (felony theft and felony burglary) which were switched to juvenile court. His felony theft of a shotgun form an unlocked vehicle was not cited on the list above.

So, he graduated from felony theft and burglary to negligent homicide (killing his friend “JoJo” while driving 110-120 mph, and flipping over the car), without ever being punished. And now, he’s going to skate for the killing, too.

I’ve written repeatedly on affirmative action criminal justice for blacks.

In the case of Far Rockaway, Queens’ Milan Taylor, felony assault and attempted murder are re-defined as “assault, criminal obstruction of breathing and second degree [sic] harassment,” which a plea bargain turns into “disorderly conduct”!

In Atlanta, Jamal aka Shamal Thompson was permitted to commit felony after felony without any punishment, until he murdered acclaimed, white cancer researcher Eugenia “Jeanne” Calle, 57.

In Delaware, there’s Radee Labeeb Prince.

The Navy supported racist, eventual black mass murderer, Aaron Alexis.

Tremaine Leigh is yet another case of AA criminal justice, Atlanta-style.

The media and academia respond to out-of-control black criminality by increasing their lying, in promoting the blood libel of “racial profiling,” and demanding “criminal justice reform.” Even some Republican elected officials have jumped on this bandwagon to hell.

And so it goes.


Anonymous said...

Jake was over the age of 18 and JoJo was under the age of 18. That becomes a death with aggravated circumstances in most locales. But forget about that it seems.

JoJo ran with the wrong crowd [person].

Jake apparently was a one boy/man crime wave. And as Nicholas points out you might not expect the negro perpetrator in Montana but there he is.

Anonymous said...

In my experience,mulattos are a mess,more often than not.The white half can't overcome the black half.Sounds like it could be a book and a horror movie--and it IS.This movie is played out daily in our country,with a sequel released every day after the previous one.

Anonymous said...

NBA trade deadline: Bulls close to dealing Nikola Mirotic to Pelicans for Omer Asik
By Chris Barnewall 9m ago • 1 min read
The Pelicans and Bulls are reportedly closing in on a deal that will send disgruntled wing Nikola Mirotic to New Orleans in exchange for big man Omer Asik. This is a huge deal for a Pelicans team that needed the shooting and cap space that this brings to their future.
GRA:So the black,violent instigator stays (Portis)and whitey vic (Mirotic) goes.Who would take Portis,in all honesty,after he assaulted and battered his teammate?
Obviously,and understandably,Mirotic could not mend fences with Portis,and it should be his right to work in a place where he feels comfortable and safe from violence.The Bulls should have released Portis and called the police the same day as the incident.
It was that simple and they blew it.
Btw,check out the writer's description of Mirotic---as"disgruntled."
Biased writing,anyone?
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

From what I understand his mom was never home a run around. Jacobbs mom has 4 kids and she was dating gross men who gave perks instead of setting an example. Hes not all to blame greed and bad parenting.

Anonymous said...

His mom is Christina Head (Bozeman) and she left 4 kids home and was out of the country, Jacob just turned 18 and had younger sisters at home.

Anonymous said...

If you look at Jacobs moms Facebook page she has her butt sticking out in the air, he has too little sisters.