Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The “James Franco is a Sexual Harasser” Story Line is Just Another Feminazi #metoo Hoax! (Video)

By Jerry PDX
Monday, January 29, 2018 at 1:16:00 P.M. EST

I'm not a James Franco fan, though he was good in the great Freaks & Geeks TV series where he got his start, but his acting in big time movies has been borderline atrocious, just watch the prequel to The Wizard of Oz for the perfect example. I hadn't paid much attention to the sexual harassment allegations against him. It's all getting to be background white noise that I just tune out. However, by chance I caught an Inside Edition interview with his accusers. Three women went in front of the camera and described incidents that didn't even remotely resemble sexual harassment.

Here it is in a nutshell with my responses:

First girl: “I could have said no, but had sex with him anyways in a car because I wanted him to like me.”

Are you kidding? She consented because she wanted him to like her. Oh, please. If I had a quarter for every girl who has told me she gave it up to some guy before she really wanted to have sex because “She wanted him to like her,” I'd be a millionaire. Wanting him to like you is not his fault. The fact that your personal desires caused you to CONSENT is what matters, and that is not harassment.

Second girl: I was his personal assistant and “He sent me two insulting and demeaning text messages.” In one, he called me retarded. Though she also threw in that they had a consensual relationship at some point.

[The Boss calls me “a retard” all the time. Does that mean I can sue her for the big SH? Oh, I just remembered that I’m a man.]

Where does sexual harassment enter in to this? Maybe Franco is a jerk of a boss, but that's a different issue. Besides, maybe she is retarded. The fact she is in front of a camera pushing this as sexual harassment is suggestive of some kind of innate flaw.

Third girl: “There was an orgy scene in an independent movie he was producing, and I didn't think it was artistically justified,” so she didn't want to do it.

“Artistic justification” is so subjective this could purely have to do with her own personal boundaries, not necessarily anyone else’s. She doesn’t say if she actually went through with the scene but if she did then she consented, and if not, then what’s the problem? Funny thing about this girl is she's really not even particularly attractive. At least the other girls were pretty hot looking. I’m having trouble believing Franco really wanted to get into her pants that badly. Hmmm... just speculating, but maybe that's the reason why she’s bitter and vengeful...

I have a hard time feeling sorry for a lot of these Hollywood actors because most of them are wimp liberal poseurs who embrace every liberal issue that comes around the corner and relish bashing Trump, in order to gain validation from their peers. However, to destroy this man’s career and ruin his chances for an Oscar this year (he’s been pulled from consideration), over this nonsense is more evidence that this harassment campaign is becoming more and more of a pure witch hunt. They are having trouble finding legit cases after picking the low-hanging fruit, so now the definition of “sexual harassment” is expanding to anything that might be deemed the slightest bit inappropriate. Makes great headlines and gives failed wannabe actresses a chance to get their faces and names in the news, and possibly a payoff.

The recent racial politicization of the Oscars was bad enough, but now with actors being blacklisted, due to questionable sexual harassment accusations, it’s becoming more and more clear the Oscars have nothing to do with merit, but everything to do with political posturing.

Lügenpresse Video from Inside Edition: “3 Women Share Stories About James Franco’s Alleged Inappropriate Behavior”


Inside Edition
Published on Jan 22, 2018

Three women who are accusing James Franco of inappropriate behavior are discussing their time with the actor for the first time together. Violet Paley, Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Tatjana Liepelt all accuse Franco of inappropriate behavior. There was polite applause when Franco's name was announced at the SAG Awards for winning Best Actor. He gave a wan smile as the camera panned to him. Paley says she dated Franco in 2016. She posted a tweet moments after he won The Golden Globe for Best Actor.

Tamara Larissa
1 week ago

"because with the #metoo movement, men and women feel safer to finally report their experiences."

N.S.: Garbage. The #metoo movement is a hoax movement, like "campus rape culture," "racial profiling," and "mass incarceration."

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I should have mentioned, it says in the article: "Inappropriate behavior", a sneaky shift away from "sexual harassment". That's the disclaimer but we all know how this started: With overt and aggressive pressure from men with power over women to obtain sexual favors, and/or unwanted physical contact from groping to actual sexual assault.

Now it's evolved into "inappropriate behavior" a term that's vague and broad at the same time and can mean whatever they want it to mean. I'm sure if you challenged Inside Edition they would justify the interview with those women by pointing they didn't specify sexual harassment but they won't be able to give you a definitive explanation of what "inappropriate behavior" is. At least with sexual harassment you can have some parameters to key off of, now there are no boundaries which gives them freedom to attack anybody over anything they deem fit.