Sunday, January 21, 2018

Affirmative Action Hell: The Evil that was Committed, When People Failed to Impeach or Shoot Racist Judges

By Alden
January 11, 2018 at 11:28 p.m. GMT

A black woman Scarlett Gordon failed a San Francisco county exam because she couldn’t read the questions let alone answer them correctly. The job was a professional job that required a BA. This college grad couldn’t read. She sued and won.

Griggs v. Duke Power Co. (1971): Duke Power Co. had a rule that all employees had to have finished 6th grade. A black man, Griggs, dropped out before he finished sixth grade. The federal courts ruled that the sixth grade requirement was race discrimination.

STEELWORKERS v. WEBER, (1979) [Alden wrote “Kaiser v. Weber,” but that case was folded into this one]: Kaiser Steel had a requirement that all foremen had to:

1. Have a high school degree or GED; and

2. Pass a simple literacy math test to show that they could read and understand manuals, memos, and instruction memos and write memos
and make up vacation schedules, shift schedules, etc.

Weber was a White who sued on the grounds that he had a high school diploma, and passed the test with a high score but Kaiser Steel promoted a black who failed the written test. [N.S.: Kaiser had also contracted with the United Steelworkers to promote those with seniority, but it violated the contract. Thus, it not only promoted black imbeciles over intelligent white men, but over intelligent white men with seniority.]

Weber lost. In other words, a few evil liberal judges ruled that race is the only thing to be considered in promotions.

And we wonder why the steel mills moved overseas.

The State Department hires black women foreign-service officers who get scores of 40 out of a possible 100 on the written test.

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Anonymous said...

Totally goes opposite of the Darwin theory.By not allowing the stupidest of the species(blacks) to fail and therefore exist as if they were intelligent,the problem compounds by delaying the elimination of the inferior race(though the blacks seem to subconsciously know this and shoot each other to make up for it--just not enough).
With welfare,section 8 and affirmative action,all equalizers for black IQ dysfunction,you create an unnatural situation that is untenable for both whites and blacks.
Results are more crime,slums and division.
--GR Anonymous