Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Forget It, Jake; It’s Malmo: Strange, Raceless “Man” in Club Suddenly Put His Hands on Beautiful, Swedish Girl's Butt and Between Her Legs, and then Slugged Her and Smashed a Bottle on Her Head, When She Pushed Him Away (Shocking Photos)


Sophie Johansson, 19, prior to being culturally enriched

By Reader-Researcher RC

“Smashed with a bottle for rejecting being groped: Shocking photos show bloodied Swedish woman attacked in a nightclub after man put his hands between her legs”

What the increasingly pc Daily Mail won’t tell its readers is that Malmo is part of the caliphate. It is dominated by Moslem rapefugees and “immigrants,” is the rape capital of Europe, and that the violence of this crime is unthinkable as having been committed by a Christian Swede.

Although there must have been many witnesses, Swedish police say they have no description of the perp, and have therefore "shelved" the case.


Sophie Johansson, after being culturally enriched

Teen hit with a bottle for rejecting man who groped her in a nightclub

Sophie Johansson, 19, says she had never met the man before, and that she suddenly felt his hands hands on her bottom and between her legs on the dancefloor of a club in Malmo, Sweden.


Sophie Johansson’s profile

At the Daily Mail.

Babel: Once a church, now a club, soon a mosque?


Anonymous said...

One of THEM did it. THEM. The use of that word in upper case letters deemed as a code word or dog whistle. Well, it is!

Anonymous said...

To a lesser extent,reminds me of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack...and like a future event that radical Muslims are plotting right now to inflict on the country they live in.You wonder when the next 9/11 is coming.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I hope sympathy for this girl isn't misplaced. The details of this story make me suspicious about her motivations in this club. I checked the demographics of Malmo and it is 43% foreign immigrants now. The majority of those being Muslims. Also consider that the vast majority of those Muslims are young males in their 20's. They do not have a significant number of young females of their culture to marry or socialize with, though even if they did I suspect they would prefer blonde Swedish women. Nightclubs catering to young single people will be dominated by Muslim males with no women in their lives, if you walked into one I have no doubt it would be jam packed with these men and a limited number of Swedish females and males. However, the female patrons would likely be the type that are interested in interacting with Muslim men which means they are biased toward them and hostile toward males of their own country.

As for this woman who was assaulted. Do you think a young girl that beautiful has trouble finding men? No way, she's got men lined up who want to date her. Why does she even need a nightclub? Women like that often take their looks and youth for granted and become scornful toward white men and will use "men of color" to spite them.

The first tip off is that they can't find any witnesses to identify this guy. Are you kidding? Nobody in a packed nightclub saw a guy smashing a bottle over a girl head and observed him leaving? Nobody knew him? Possible nobody knew him I guess, but nobody got a look at this guy's face? I'm not buying it. Far more likely is that the patrons were mostly Muslim men who don't want to snitch on their homey. We know all about the don't snitch code here in the US. Also, the Swedish women there are probably the same type of white girls who don't want to report sex crimes by Muslim men because "they might get deported". I suspect there is was an unspoken agreement amongst all to stay silent about the perp in this assault. The girl who was injured may have set herself up with her need to goad Swedish men with Muslim men. If that's the case, then I wouldn't want to waste any energy feeling sorry for her.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think the Vikings--feared everywhere--would let an outsider do this to a kinswoman? Probably the culprit would have had an ax through his skull before he reached the door. For that matter, Viking women were capable of wielding an ax in their own right. So how does a society become so pacified (this suggests another "p"word which I won't mention) as to let violent invaders prey upon them? Is it possible for this to be reversed? Will the people rise up and make the Muslim invaders flee in fear or will they meekly accept their fate? As I understand it, Jews were pretty passive in the face of the Nazis until they had enough and fought back in the Warsaw ghetto. Then in Israel they became pretty ferocious. So perhaps there is hope yet--but will whites have to be on the brink of extinction before they start defending their own interests?

jeigheff said...

It's sad and interesting that a former church would be turned into a nightclub named "Babel."