Thursday, January 18, 2018

Germany Endures Another Merkel Murder



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By Jerry PDX
Thursday, January 18, 2018 at 12:59:00 A.M. EST

Another young girl falls victim to Merkel's evil in the town of Kandell, Germany. Yes, we can lay this one, as all the others, right at her feet but she won't care. She has an ideology to fall back on that allows her to shut her mind to the murders and sexual assaults perpetrated by the mass importation of millions of Muslim and African males into Germany.

A 15-year-old German girl, named Mia V. in the article, is stabbed to death by her "15 year old" boyfriend, named only “Abdul D,” undoubtedly being sensitive to his underaged status. The article notes he claimed to be 14 when he arrived but according to the girl’s father he was "definitely not 15."

I'm sure he could have been 6' 4", with a full beard and grey hairs and they wouldn't have doubted his claim to be 14. That's how mindlessly idiotic PC blinders can be.

This crime has renewed calls to verify claims of “refugee” age status. One has to wonder why this has not been done since the beginning, since you end up placing adult males in schools with underaged females, if you do not.

Oh yeah, how could I forget? That kind of hysteria is reserved for white men. When it's brown and black-skinned Muslim males, then the rules are suspended. According to the article, Abdul will now undergo tests to determine his true age, though a bit late for his victim.

At the end of the article, there is of a statistical rationalization and dose of liberal guilt: First off, it mentions that there was a spike in crime initially with the first wave of male migrants, but then it dropped back down to regular levels. Assuming that's even true, of which I'm doubtful since more likely there has been some monkey business with crime reporting or statistics by behind-the-scenes diversity operatives, it's probably because women are no longer putting themselves in dangerous situations with refugees. They can no longer walk their own streets alone, because they know refugees will rape them at every opportunity, and the beta males of Germany will stand by and do nothing. They are actually setting up safe zones for women to keep from being raped by “refugees.”

Then the article points out that a German man murdered his wife and kids and asserts that if this crime had been a German boy, it wouldn't be getting so much attention. What a load of shyte. I mean really, the disingenuous arguments of liberal mindsets is a wonder to behold. If these Libyan and Afghani male refugees had never been allowed to stay in Germany, this young girl and the other girls and women, raped and/or murdered by these scumbags would all be alive or unharmed. There are always going to be some psychotic individuals who can commit deranged acts—can't be helped, humans are not perfect—but we do know that most of the time it's males doing that crap, so why bring in millions of young males who are unknown quantities and give them opportunity to lie their way into having access to young girls?

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Anonymous said...

The other thing they'll say is: Only one Muslim did this, the other 119 Muslims living in Kandell didn't. That notion is typical liberal rhetoric suggesting that the value of those 119 men and what they will "contribute" is more than the life of that one girl.
No, the life of that girl is worth more than a million Muslim male invaders.