Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Flights from Norway (Comic Graphic)


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Anonymous said...

Speaking of "shitholes",Grand Rapids just had its 3rd and possibly 4th murder of early January as gunshots were reported on Jefferson se near Garfield Park in the original (and still horrible)ghetto area of GR.
When police arrived,a black woman was found dead and a younger female nearby,in critical condition.
Video of the street showed hordes of blacks gathered in the street.Todays ghetto murder would appear to make up for last weeks fatal stabbing of a black man by a black woman on my side of town.This one is a black guy,apparently shooting his better half and a black girl as well(though not yet fatally).
In other GR ghetto news,it took a year,but police arrested (black)Kevin Ezell for the murder of a paralyzed black male,in his wheelchair.That one happened on Division st,the victim found shot on the sidewalk.
I look forward to Lesta showing these heartwarming stories on Negro Nightly News in the near future.
---GR Anonymous