Friday, January 26, 2018

Why Has There Not been a Two-Hour ABC 20/20, CBS 48 Hours, or NBC Dateline Special on the Knoxville Horror Christian-Newsom Gang-Rape-Torture-Murders?


War crime victims Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23, were gang-raped, tortured and murdered by as many as seven racist blacks

[Re: “Former Knox County Judge Richard Baumgartner Found Dead at Home; Disgraced Jurist Would be Forever Tied to the Knoxville Horror Racist Atrocity and His Subversion of Justice, if the National Media Hadn’t Suppressed Story”;

“The Baumgartner Affair and the Knoxville Horror: It Gets Worse All the Time”; and

“The Knoxville Horror: A Reading List on the Racist Atrocity that the MSM and Wikipedia Don’t Want You to Learn About.”]


Convicted Judge Richard Baumgartner

By David in TN
Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 6:59:00 P.M. EST

Someone might ask: "Why has there not been a two-hour ABC 20/20, CBS 48 Hours, or NBC Dateline special on the Knoxville Horror Christian-Newsom torture-murders?"

[N.S.: Especially, with two of the rapist-killers still at large!]


Over the years Judge Baumgartner’s probationer, lover, and drug supplier, Deena Castleman has been charged with drug crimes and prostitution, which tend to go together

It's just occurred to me that one of the above might do an episode on the downfall of Richard Baumgartner. The murders of Channon and Chris would get only a brief mention, with the focus being on the disgraced Judge.

You heard it from me, if this happens.


The five known war criminals responsible for the violation and murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

Only three of the monsters who raped, tortured, and murdered Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were convicted of murder, and only one, Lemaricus Davidson, has been sentenced to death. Davidson’s half-brother, Letalvis Cobbins, and George Thomas have been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Cowardly white jurors and racist black ones conspired to convict Cobbins’ unrepentant girlfriend, Vanessa Coleman, only of “facilitation of murder and rape.” Eric Boyd, whom prosecutors are convinced participated in the kidnappings, rapes (of Christophe Newsom, at any rate), and murders, never made any self-incriminating statements, or left any hard, self-incriminating evidence, and was convicted only of being an accessory after the fact, in aiding and abetting Davidson, in the latter’s flight. Two more black male rapist-killers are known only via the semen they left in Channon Christian’s panties.

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Anonymous said...

All Black Channel (ABC)programmers cannot allow this kind of material on the air.Blacks need to be shown as cool,law abiding citizens who can talk about whitey ad nauseum,but face no criticism themselves.
"Blackish" likes to rip whites on a regular basis (from what little I've seen from clips).
I'd like to see an episode that isn't a combination of "The Cosby Show" and "Fantasy Island",maybe along the lines of:
"9PM BLACKISH(comedy-drama)
Dre's (Anthony Anderson)first day out of prison gets complicated when his hooker,drug addicted wife,Rainbow, (Tracee Ellis)refuses to let him in the houae,so he shoots her.A standoff ensues.The kids are listed by local police as suspects in a drug deal gkne wrong. (30 min L,S)

--GR Anonymous