Friday, January 12, 2018

A Bunch of Great Crime Pictures/Films Noir are on the Way from TCM in Mid-January, Starting with Witness Protection Night on Saturday, January 13th!



By David in TN
Friday, January 12, 2018 at 1:02:00 PM EST

TCM has a lot of good films this month.

On Saturday night, January 13, TCM has a Witness Protection Night, starting with Bullitt (1968) at 8 pm ET. Bullitt is one of Steve McQueen's signature roles. Robert Vaughn co-stars as a federal (?) prosecutor who wants McQueen to guard his mob witness. Vaughn often said Bullitt's plot "didn't make sense."

A funny thing is Robert Vaughn was considering running for the Senate in California but found out playing the "Chalmers" character had finished off his hopes of a political career.


Another Noir follows, The Narrow Margin (1952), with Charles McGraw and Marie Windsor. (It was remade in 1990, starring Gene Hackman and Anne Archer).


The Narrow Margin 1952: Marie Windsor and Charles McGraw

Narrow Margin 1990 remake; Gene Hackman and Anne Archer atop train


The third film is Murder, Inc. (1960), based on the book by prosecutor Burton Turkus and Sid Feder. This book has been in print since 1951. Peter Falk made his debut, chewing the scenery as Abe “Kid Twist” Reles, who decided to rat out his Murder Inc. colleagues. Falk’s performance got him the first of two consecutive Best Supporting Actor nominations.

That's no way to treat a lady! Peter Falk as assassin Abe "Kid Twist" Reles

Stuart Whitman and Mai Britt played fictional characters. Simon Oakland, noted character actor, is a detective. Henry Morgan, the 50's and 60's New York radio-TV personality, plays Burton Turkus, who was hired by the Brooklyn DA to prosecute the Murder, Inc. suspects.


This is the first time Murder, Inc. has been shown on TCM.

TCM's Sunday Film Noir of the Week on January 14 at 10 a.m. ET, is Where Danger Lives (1950). Robert Mitchum plays a doctor who falls for a woman who attempted suicide, a logical lead-in for a film noir.


Also on Sunday at 4 p.m. ET, TCM shows Knock on Any Door (1949). Humphrey Bogart plays a lawyer who defends a young hood (John Derek) accused of killing a cop. Derek's character is portrayed as a Victim of Society. This film was called, in the parlance of the time, a "Sob Story."


Nick Romano says, "Live fast, die young, and have a good looking corpse"

West Side Story (1961 Movie Version): “Officer Krupke”


Anonymous said...

Grand Rapids Real Life Noir:
Oh,by the way,Grand Rapids second murder occurred on my side of town(which used to be all Dutch and Polish 25 years ago,but is significantly black invaded now),a rare type of murder--as a black woman(Alicia Michele Wright,27) stabbed her black boyfriend(42 yr old Marcus Scott)in the neck early Tuesday morning.You don't see that too often.
No doubt,another fine black couple will replace that one,in the now vacated ghetto apartment.Are we ahead of NYC now?
--GR Anonymous

David In TN said...

TCM's Sunday Film Noir of the Week for January 21 at 10 am ET, is Act of Violence (1949). It stars Van Heflin as a WW II veteran living the good life in late 40's Los Angeles County building the post-war suburbs.

Heflin's character has a dark secret. As a POW in a German camp, he betrayed an escape attempt by his fellow prisoners resulting in all but one being killed by the guards. Robert Ryan plays the lone survivor, Heflin's former friend now sworn to kill him.

Janet Leigh plays Heflin's young wife and Phyllis Thaxter Ryan's girl. Both ladies stand by their man.

Van Heflin (as previously mentioned was called another Spencer Tracy) gives his usual outstanding performance as the guilt-ridden veteran seeking atonement. Ryan looks his usual sinister self as the limping would-be avenger.