Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Man Confesses to Murdering His “Transgendered” “Wife”; Pleads “Not Guilty”


“Christa Steele-Knudslien” and Mark “Steele-Knudslien”

By Reader-Researcher RC

“She and other advocates later started the Miss Trans New England Pageant, which brought together transgender women from across the region.” Friend Justin Adkins, told the Post: “Her thing was always that transgender women are beautiful and need a venue for trans women to be seen as beautiful.”
N.S.: The blogger at Heavy, Jessica McBride, keeps saying, “she” and “a woman,” but there is no female in the story.

That’s a man, baby!

We were unable to determine the victim’s real name.

At Heavy.


Anonymous said...

A technicality.
"I did not kill my wife."
Completely true.Not guilty.Next case.

Anonymous said...

The horror, the horror. . . .