Thursday, January 11, 2018

Harassment Hoax Hysteria: Salma Hayek's Hollywood


Salma Hayek claims to have been a victim of “sexual harassment” by Harvey Weinstein. He performed oral sex on her—with her consent.

[Re: “#MeToo? French Goddess Catherine Deneuve and 100 Other French Women in Arts and the Media Say, ‘Count Us Out!’”]

By Jerry PDX
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 1:10:00 P.M. EST

Catherine Deneuve made some valid points against “#Metoo” but still shied away from certain issues. To illustrate better: Harassment is nebulous and subjective and the people who are in charge of defining what it is are the female of the species. The young females particularly. Deneuve alludes to this but doesn't clearly elucidate it.


One of the faces of #Metoo, Salma Hayek: Fake boobs, fake butt, fake face, fake outrage…

The reality is that men want to engage in sexual relations more than women do and primarily want to do it with younger women in the reproductive age category. As a result it's men who have to ask and attempt to get women to have sex with them, women receive the attention and decide if they want to comply. This is reflected in the behavior of most animal species on the planet. It's the males who come begging for action.


The reluctance of women to define the boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not in the game of seduction is why the debate about harassment remains primarily accusatory, hysterical, and rhetorical.


Few women want to honestly admit that they do want men to pursue them aggressively, or that they are turned on by those aggressive men who "don't take no for an answer." They just want them to be the men they are interested in, not the betas or unattractive ones. Even though the line between attractive and unattractive can also be undefined, women expect men to "know" if it's appropriate for him to pursue her, and if he's wrong, he's guilty of "harassment."


Some women will accept gifts from unattractive men, playing them along, eventually though women may turn on him and accuse of him of "harassment" to obscure the fact she accepted gifts from him, knowing all the while she had no interest in him. (Or he may turn on her.)


Hayek and zillionaire husband Francois-Henri Pinault—she slept her way up the ladder with older men—I think there’s a name for that

I don't think women will ever voluntarily give up their privilege as women to manipulate male desire for them by being more honest and up front about what they want, and as long as that continues this harassment issue will never truly end.

Salma Hayek Video—if Only She Had any Talent! (Desperado)


Anonymous said...

How women rationalize what they do,is the puzzler of all time for men.They can sleep their way up the corporate ladder (Hollywood acting jobs also),cheat on their husbands and THEN scream sexual harrassment from the same orifice that they performed oral sex with on those men who helped them.As a capper,they marry an old zillionaire and probably screw around on him too.
"Psychology Today" could devote entire issues about this phenomena for the next 10 years and never run out of material.
And men are the
Sometimes yes,but women are more devious (with less guilt).
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I assume that clip represents normal life in Mexifornia.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
For a woman the litmus test for harassment is actually quite simple. If a man you are not attracted to hits on you in some way and you are offended by it, ask yourself is the very same come on would be acceptable if it was a man you were attracted to, if the answer is yes, then it's not harassment.
That would wipe out about 1/2 the Hollywood accusations.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I forgot something very important in my previous comment. Here it is again with the revision:

The litmus test for women defining sexual harassment is very simple. If a man you are not attracted to hits on you and you are offended, ask yourself if the very same come on, from a man you are attracted to or wanted something from, would then be acceptable. If so, then it's not harassment.
That wipes out about 1/2 the public accusations, but it requires honesty.