Monday, January 08, 2018

Euphemism, Crime, and St. Louis: Un-Inventing the Wheel

By Nicholas Stix

Whatever white leaders do, regarding blacks, they’re “wrong” and “racist.” If they crack down on crime, they’re guilty of “racial profiling.” If they ignore black crime, they’re “racist,” because they “don’t care.”

Heather Mac Donald is always citing blacks she’s spoken to who complain of insufficient policing, but doesn’t seem to notice that many blacks switch their stories, depending on which is momentarily expedient.

Recall how during the 2016 presidential campaign, when Trump said he wanted to make urban neighborhoods safer and more prosperous, all of a sudden, blacks were talking to reporters, emphasizing that they and their communities were middle-class. I’d never heard such talk from blacks in my life!

Just because it was Trump speaking, his desire to help blacks was wrong, but when it was “Obama” talking, his desire to help blacks was wonderful!

You cannot share the same country or government with such people.

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Anonymous said...

Africans in America have got to go. There needs to be a solution to the problem of Africans in America.