Monday, January 01, 2018

Campus Commies: It’s “Racist” to Grieve for Whites Murdered by Non-Whites



By “W”

At Conservativezone.


Kate Steinle's killer, Many Names, including Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez (we don't even know his real name)


David In TN said...

About 15 years ago wasn't there a college professor who recommended his students study the NOI/Zebra murders, and campus leftists tried to have him fired? I can't recall the name and place off hand, but I remember it.

David In TN said...

I just did some internet searching and found the professor was Jonathan Bean of Southern Illinois and the "controversy" took place in 2005. Bean suggested his students read the piece on the Zebra murders at FrontPageMag by James Lubinskas and the campus leftists went after him.

Jonathan Bean is apparently still at Southern Illinois University.

Nicholas said...

Southern Illinois University Carbondale history Professor Jonathan Bean

His own colleagues sought to have him fired.

Anonymous said...

The africans in America must not be offended.