Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Jew to Admire


Stephen Miller

[Re: “Max Boot: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love PC: Unscrupulous Trump-Hater and Two Editors at Foreign Policy Win Their First Duranty-Blair Awards!”]

Dear Mr. Stix,

You expressed concern about Max Boot being seen as representative of Jewish thought. Well here is a Jew to admire: Stephen Miller.

If Trump continues his DACA insanity, I might have to write in Miller for President in 2020. Right now, Miller might be the only thing preventing a complete Javankaization of Trump.


Best wishes,

Jesse Mossman
(Aka Our Man in Seattle)


Ivanka Trump, circa August 2017
(Everything about her is fake, except for the evil.)



David In TN said...

We remember how Stephen Miller stood tall for the Duke Lacrosse players during the MSM-Nifong Hoax when a Duke student. In the words of KC Johnson, Miller "was perhaps the most prominent conservative voice on campus."

Anonymous said...

CNN outraged by Trump "shithole"
"Make no mistake: This is the lowest ebb of a presidency defined by a series of low ebbs and defining of the presidency downward. Yes, lower than Trump's comments about Mexico sending us "rapists" and "criminals." Lower than questioning Sen. John McCain's military service. Lower than his impugning of a judge because of his Mexican heritage. Lower than his questioning the motives of a Gold Star family. Lower than the 2,000 mistruths and outright falsehoods he has said since becoming President. Lower than his racially-tinged attacks on the anthem protests by NFL players. Lower even than his "both sides" argument in the wake of white supremacist violence against peaceful protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia."
GRA:Who ARE these people? (As Jerry Seinfeld might ask).CNN being pissed is a great thing,of course.Encore, Mr.Trump,encore.(Though this might just be a statement to appease Ann Coulter--and nothing more).It goes on his "Greatest hits" album.
--GR Anonymous

Stan mute said...

Add Ron Unz, yourself, and “A Jew Among You” to just name three...