Friday, January 21, 2022

nation of islam mayor Eric Adams Fires fdny commissioner Daniel Nigro; Will Adams Choose a black lesbian aa hire, or a hispanic lesbian aa hire, to Replace Him?

By N.S.

Nigro had no intention of retiring, and had asked Adams to remain as his FDNY commissioner. Thus, he did not retire.

My money is on the hispanic lesbian aa hire. There’s a hispanic lesbian who was pushed through the ranks to the top of EMT who was angling to become FDNY commissioner, and Adams has to give the hispanic lesbian democrat power base something, even though he’d rather keep it all black.

“FDNY commissioner Daniel Nigro to Step Down after 53 Years with Department”


Anonymous said...

You can't fire a nigro these days--unless he's White.Does Adams have ANOTHER relative he's going to put in the job?


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Having a mind that goes off on odd tangents, I wondered what the origin of the surname Nigro was. Turns out it's the most common surname in the world! Really? I would have thought that it would be Wu or Li, or maybe an Indian one, Kumar or Das. One of the most common places for someone to have Nigro as a surname is right here in the US, but I've never heard of anyone with that last name, except Daniel Nigro. I checked his photo, looks white though perhaps with a dish of Indo in him and the name does have Russian/Hindu origins. I thought perhaps Mr. Nigro could unearth some Indian ancestry and play the race card to his benefit, though I doubt that would trump the hispanic/lesbian one, or the black card.

Anonymous said...

Actually most East Indians are Caucasian so they qualify as white even though some are fairly dark. I thought someone named Nigro might, you know, be a Negro, but it appears he is a whitey and so dispensable.
Maybe if he could have the "i" replaced with an "e" his career prospects would be improved. He would not even have to claim he was black--most would be afraid to question him.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Nigro. An Italian I believe. The last name has a certain irony in this instance, doesn't it??

Anonymous said...

"Actually most East Indians are Caucasian so they qualify as white even though some are fairly dark."

Some are darker than even a full-blood American negro of African ancestry without any white admixture. But many of them are very successful in our society. Fancy that.